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    Default Re: Our Comic Lab in the Playground: An experimentation class

    Quote Originally Posted by MethosHazara View Post
    The votes are now over and, due to a tie, we end up with 7 final species/factions/stuff. Here are the winners:

    1. The Zodohaani
    2. The Nakessh
    3. The Caz
    4. H2.0
    5. The Krashningrions / The Pleocygrans
    6. The Argotanians United

    Now its time for us to move on the the second step. Design the galaxy/universe/system.

    Things we need to figure out now:

    1. Are we going to be working with galaxies, systems or planets?
    Personally I vote for star systems. A single system is a bit on the small side, especially considering the number of intelligent species we seem to have at this point, and galaxies are simply far, far too huge.

    [*]Now is a good time to figure out "travel technology". We will go with FTL Drives? Jump Gates?
    Personally I've always liked the idea of the Alcubierre drive, a sort of "mess around with spacetime so that you move faster than light despite not actually moving faster than light" thing. It's a bit similar to Star Trek's warp drive tech.

    EDIT: Oh, and I should mention I was working on the assumption that we'd be handwaving the more problematic aspects of Alcubierre drive, such as the massive amount of energy required. Also that it might be completely impossible!
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