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    Quote Originally Posted by SinisterPenguin View Post
    Personally I vote for star systems. A single system is a bit on the small side, especially considering the number of intelligent species we seem to have at this point, and galaxies are simply far, far too huge.
    I agree, we should limit ourselves to an area at least smaller than the Orion Arm.

    Quote Originally Posted by SinisterPenguin View Post
    Personally I've always liked the idea of the Alcubierre drive, a sort of "mess around with spacetime so that you move faster than light despite not actually moving faster than light" thing. It's a bit similar to Star Trek's warp drive tech.

    EDIT: Oh, and I should mention I was working on the assumption that we'd be handwaving the more problematic aspects of Alcubierre drive, such as the massive amount of energy required. Also that it might be completely impossible!
    Maybe we could use the "space railroad" idea? A fixed road of distorted spacetime, built by normal spacecrafts, allowing for controlled transportation and preventing the disastrous idea of civilians crafts with engines capable of blowing up countries.
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