New update, new floor. Floor 14 feels like the exact opposite of Floor 13: while Floor 13 was a complex floor with no bosses, Floor 14 is a simple floor with lots of new boss fights. This is the first of a series of short updates with accompanying boss fight videos.

Let's Play Labyrinth of Touhou - Chapter 17

It's been a wild past couple of floors, hasn't it? First Eientei, now that shopkeeper Rinnosuke. Still not quite trusting us, the Eientei folk chose to stay behind on Floor 12 and create their own fortified base. At least they've left the incident resolution to us, right? As for Rinnosuke, we're currently hot on his trail. Of course we're not content with leaving this matter up to him! So onward with our adventure!

Floor 14 has the strangest name yet! What is this suppose to mean anyway? The wonderfully kind and intelligent Aya Shameimaru informs me through her information networks that it's suppose to be a reference to Toshin Toshi 3, whatever that is. No matter, this place doesn't seem like much of a problem after the whole fiasco Suwako and Cirno put us through earlier.

This floor is the simpliest one yet in terms of layout. The entire floor is just one huge 16-by-16 grid of square rooms haphazardly connected to one another. But of course, the simpler the floor, the more annoying the enemies, right? I can see the numbers now: Manifested Knowledge with 12,000 MND. Crystal Cancer with 12,000 DEF. Bronze Golem with 66,000 HP. Looks like some difficult hurdles to overcome!

Luckily, the amazingly swift and powerful Aya Shameimaru was there to run circles around these foes! Where would we be without her? It took much effort and an enormous expediture of SP on our part, but we managed to wade our way through these tough foes.

But lo and behold, who should we run into but Yukari's best friend, Yuyuko Saigyouji!

Looks like she was the one behind the whole cat and ghost chase we had earlier. She had business with a certain black cat who had taken something important from the Netherworld. It'd certainly be discourteous of us to turn down a request from an old friend, right? That's definitely not something you should do in these types of games.

Something about some Knights of some Round Table? Sounds familiar. Certainly can't be foreshadowing, could it? Hahahaha!

Yuyuko certainly sounds like one of the stronger people to meet around here. This whole quest of her's to recover these dangerous knights only enhances her prestige. I wonder, if we're to succeed at this quest in her place, wouldn't that mean we'd have to be better than her?

Oooh, let's try that out!

It's no secret by now that I'm still not satisfied with the way our party's strength has been sluggishly proceeding. Someone like Yuyuko could assuredly give these folks a nice kick in the rear!

And luckily, despite the pleadings of Reimu, Yuyuko agrees!

'Course, Yuyuko doesn't want to help us out for free. She laughed and said she prefers to have her payment in food. I wonder what she meant by that...

~ Suika Ibuki

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Bonus! An alternate video of this segment's boss fight, showing you just how easy some things can be with just a little luck.