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hey, sorry to interrupt your space setting you've got going here, but I've got a webcomic idea, bit long though, thinking of calling Age of the Arcane

basically, first imagine your typical DnD setting.

now imagine all the wizards thinking the adventurers can't save the world forever, and that the military isn't competent enough to fill their shoes.

now imagine the wizards killing off all the royalty and nobles, and taking over themselves, which leads to a greater emphasis on magic and its development, which leads to more and better spells being discovered.

700 years later, multiple wizard-controlled empires now rule the world, adventurers are things of the past since the many threats they used to fight are now handled by the various forces the wizards send out to deal with them instead.the medieval weapons are gone, replaced by the arcane equivalent of guns and cannons, warriors are still around but they use weapons designed by mages.

however there are problems in the new society, the "evil" races (orcs, goblins, kobolds, trolls etc.) are still treated like garbage since the wizards overthrew the old order in the first place to defend the people from those races in the first place, and either slaves or if they are free, second class citizens.
now imagine that not everyone thinks the new order is a good thing, and that there are rebels out there seeking to overthrow the government for various goals and reasons, and that there is an undercurrent of revolution starting.

now imagine, that one day a young apprentice wizard is caught on the receiving end of this coming revolution...

whaddya think? good premise?
I think it's a good premise, plenty of potential.
Now it all comes down to the comic itself, post what else you need help or opinions on and get the comic done for our viewing