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I wouldn't be surprised if the Nakeesh (Before the cataclysm of course) were what inspired H2.0 in the first place. "Those aliens embrace their technology, and look at them. We can do the same thing!"
I would be very surprised if they were, actually. H2.0 are based on a half-baked interpretation of transhumanist ideas, which is a movement around today. There are guys out there who use kitchen knives or scalpels bought online to make incisions in their arms, hand or fingertips, without anaesthetic, and insert RFID tags or magnetic implants under their skin. H2.0 is an extension of this into a future where medical science created bionic body parts which perform better than the originals.
While it's possible that some H2.0 were 'inspired' by the Nakeesh, the movement as a whole wouldn't have been.
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EDIT: Oh, and I should mention I was working on the assumption that we'd be handwaving the more problematic aspects of Alcubierre drive, such as the massive amount of energy required. Also that it might be completely impossible!
And that a even a warp bubble moving at 50c would take a month to get between Sol and Promixa Centauri, thanks to a lack of time dilation. And that a pilot would have no way of steering the craft once in motion.
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By the way, an Idea, the Beacons.

A method for determining you're location in Space. Many major planets have a Beacon. The Beacon's are perfectly synchronized. Every (Let's say) Hour, each beacon sends out a powerful Light Speed Transmission consisting of the name of the planet, and the current Standard Galactic Date/Time (However that is measured. Pretty much the Sci-Fi equivilent of Greenwich Mean Time). If a Ship wants to determine it's location in Space, it listens for Beacon broadcasts and compares the current SGD/T with the one in the Broadcasts, a quick calculation involving the Speed of Light should tell the ship how far away from that Beacon they are. They then do this for every Beacon transmission they receive and, by consulting a decent map, they can use the distance to each beacon to determine their exact location in space.
That's going to run into a lot of problems. The signals would either be incredible weak or kill off all life on the planets they originate from. (A signal with intensity of 1 unit when measured 10ly away from the source would have an intensity in the region of 1020 units a planet's diameter away.
Additionally, how do you propose to synchronise the signals? Space is big, and unless we pick an FTL system that somehow avoids the problem, time dilation would screw you over. It might be possible to calculate the effects of time dilation and compensate for them, but I can't see it being worth it. A "Galactic Standard Time" would fail for that and political reasons. (Which planet's day do we use? Which year? What kind of subdivisions? Hell, what numerical base? Those sorts of questions would keep that proposal mired in bureaucracy.)
Finally, for this to be of any use, it would need to have begun decades ago. Should you find yourself 5ly from the nearest star, you're receiving signals sent from there 5 years ago.
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Maybe we could use the "space railroad" idea? A fixed road of distorted spacetime, built by normal spacecrafts, allowing for controlled transportation and preventing the disastrous idea of civilians crafts with engines capable of blowing up countries.
As I understand it, the Alcubierre drive warps spacetime directly before and behind the ship. A "railroad" couldn't be build from this distorted spacetime, instead a structure designed to distort the immediate spacetime of the ships travelling along it would need to be built.
Additionally, from a narrative standpoint characters need to be able to go wherever. They may wish to explore the stars, and wouldn't be able to do so if constrained to a rail network.

Personally, I'd advise throwing all pretences of real science out the window with FTL travel, while there are several possible models for FTL travel, they are all unworkable without severe refinement, and there's always the issue of violating causality.

On another note, looking over the factions I realised that we do in fact have seven. Both Argotanians United and H2.0 imply the existence of a more general human faction, AU having declared themselves independent of the human government and H2.0 being a culture within humanity.