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Personally, I'd advise throwing all pretences of real science out the window with FTL travel, while there are several possible models for FTL travel, they are all unworkable without severe refinement, and there's always the issue of violating causality.
Then in that case, I'd suggest teleportation, perhaps taking the route of the Battlestar Galactica jump drives: you can technically jump anywhere in the universe, but the farther the distance is, the less likely you're going to be close to your intended destination, since the drive requires extremely precise calculations (made by a phlebotinum calculator on board of a spacecraft).

So to go to a neighbouring star system, a craft would generally make several small "jumps", each time readjusting its readings and redoing the calculations; this operation takes a lot of time, making combat teleportation somewhat difficult.

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On another note, looking over the factions I realised that we do in fact have seven. Both Argotanians United and H2.0 imply the existence of a more general human faction, AU having declared themselves independent of the human government and H2.0 being a culture within humanity.
Earth should be a fairly minor planet with no unified government. It'll be a change from all the geocentric science fiction.