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    Quote Originally Posted by Szilard View Post
    So... Star Wars?
    Star Wars avoids it by not having an Earth at all (it is "in a galaxy far, far away" after all), but still has humans to be relatable. And even with no "Earth" type planet, it still keeps coming back to the same home planets of the principle cast.

    Quote Originally Posted by BRC View Post
    Earth is a sizable planet, but because it's colonies are not tightly tied together, it's not a major player.
    I wouldn't imagine the Nakeesh or H2.0 being major players either. (Oh, and by the way, it's H[sub]2.0[/sub].) The Nakeesh would be a fraction of their pre-nanodeath numbers, and would be limited to their ships, while H2.0 lacks any sort of social structure.
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