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    The Nakeesh had some colonies before the Nanopocolypse. Nothing nearly as big as Nak of course. Most of these colonies are relatively small (The Biggest colony is a planet containing one billion Nakeesh). Most of the Nakeesh live on ships or in orbital habits.
    For reference, At the time of the Nanopocolypse, there were around 10 billion Nakeesh living on Nak, with another hundred million or so living on orbital habitats/colonies on other planets in the system. Another Six Billion Nakeesh were present in other parts of the galaxy, usually in small colonies or on starships or living on planets controlled by other races. About 20% of Nak's population were able to escape the Nanopocolypse (very cramped starships, filling up orbital habitats to their absolute maximum) before the orbital bombardments sterilized the planet.
    Since then the Population hasn't exactly skyrocketed, a brief yet bloody civil war occurred after the bombardment, and lots of Nakeesh died as their medical technology took some time to get used to not relying on nanobots. There are about eight billion Nakeesh in the galaxy right now. As I said, the biggest concentration is one billion on a single planet. The majority of Nakeesh live in communities of less than 10 thousand, usually in the form of wandering starship fleets.
    They're major players primarily because they've been living off capital they stored up before the Nanopocolypse. Their planet is gone and they refuse to use what used to be their bread and butter technology, but they still had alot of money and favors saced up. They've been using that influence to keep themselves independent, preventing other races from scooping up Nakeesh colonies and technology.

    Maybe one part of the setting can be that the last Nakeesh who survived the Nanopocolypse are dieing out, and with them the last real legacies of Nak. The new generation of Nakeesh are trying to figure out how to define themselves and move forward.
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