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Most of these colonies are relatively small (The Biggest colony is a planet containing one billion Nakeesh).
1 billion is not a small number. That's the population of China, or India, or 1800s Earth. It's over three times the population of the USA, or about one and a half times the population of Europe.
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The majority of Nakeesh live in communities of less than 10 thousand, usually in the form of wandering starship fleets.
This isn't really consistent with what you've said previously. You said that there were 6 billion Nakeesh in colonies, and 20% of the 10 billion on Nak escaped (so, 2 billion, which fits your 'current population' total of 8 billion). One would expect that the 6 billion already set up on colonies would remain in their homes, and so we only have 1/4 of the population in fleets, assuming that none of those fleets joined or formed planetary colonies. Not really a species of space nomads anymore.
And if "most of" the 8 billion Nakeesh (which, incidentally, is still larger than the current population of Earth by roughly a 6th) are in communities of less than 10 000, we're looking at a minimum of 400 000 communities for that half of the population. That would mean there's 100 000+ space fleets.