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1 billion is plenty small when you're considering an entire planet. You need to stop thinking of these factions as nations, and more as species. The numbers get significantly bigger.
I live on a tiny island, which happens to be home to 0.9% of the world's population. Which is still less than 60 million. 'Billion' to me is several orders of magnitude above 'nation', it's an unthinkable number. If you represented every person as a pixel on an HD 1080 display, you'd need almost 500 displays to show a billion people. To contrast, you'd need less than 30 to show everyone in Great Britain.
And while for a species a billion might not sound so big, it is. Humanity only hit billion in 1802, we had existed as a species for 200 000 years before that. A colony with a billion people on is a state in it's own right, it's not 'relatively small'. It's huge. You could easily have separate nations vying for control of the colony world, nations which have sprung up on that world. You'll have cities, internal trade, maybe your own currency.
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And 8 billion is more than earth's current population, the population on one planet. Spread out amongst the stars that's not much. All the other races probably have alot more than 8 billion disorganized people.
Well, there's the Caz, who have exactly 1 planet and 0 colonies. There's the Zodahaani, who while I can't recall anything being said about how many interstellar colonies they have, they have only one lunar colony for both of their binary moons. The Pleocygrans, I can't recall anything said about how many they might have. Argotanians United admittedly have a 'sector', which is apparently several solar systems. And H2.0 doesn't control anything, being a subculture.

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Okay, how do these numbers sound. 8 Billion Nakeesh alive after the destruction of Nak. Since then Conflict, disease, starvation, and the population simply not being replaced fast enough[...] Anyway, current population total is at around 5 billion.
With 5 billion Nakeesh, assuming they're still mainly in "communities of less than 10 thousand", we have around half a million communities. And those are "usually in the form of wandering starship fleets", which gives us something upwards of 300 000 fleets. Which is still really big.
If we assume each starship carries on average 100 Nakeesh, then the 3 billion odd living in space would occupy 30 million spacecraft.

As an aside, the Quarian Migrant Fleet, which if not an inspiration for the Nakeesh are certainly a parallel, is the sole fleet of the Quarians, and has 17 million people on 50 thousand ships.