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If I may add, there is a lot of them who live otherwhere, nowhere near colonial size but they are quite common in small numbers or as individual crewmen on interfactional spaceships.

If that's not a problem
It damn well is a problem.

Nah, I kid. What do you mean by "colonial size"? To me, a colony could be a dozen guys in a habitat on the surface of some interstellar rock. Do you just mean that there are no Caz in positions of power or in sizeable populations on colony worlds?

On another note as H2.0 is a subculture, it's rather open. There are 'Type 3' Nakeesh running around, would there also be 'C2.0', 'P2.0' and 'Z2.0'? (Caz 2.0, Pleocygrans 2.0 and Zodohaani 2.0 respectively.)