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    Dalmerdal (Possessor of Knowledge)

    As you walk through the forest the trees seem to become larger and larger until they lead into a clearing dominated by a single massive oak, its branches so far above they cannot be seen. Sitting cross-legged at the base of its trunk is a strange looking man. He looks up from bottomless depths instead of eyes...

    Medium Outsider (extraplanar good, law, psionic, tardemah)
    Hit Dice: 19d8+95 (180 hp)
    Initiative: +1
    Speed: 60 ft. (12 squares), climb 60 ft.
    Armor Class: 38 (+1 dex, +9 insight, +8 natural, +10 perfection), touch 30, flat-footed 37; 20% miss-chance
    Base Attack/Grapple: +19/+20
    Attack: +1 returning vorpal boomerang +21 ranged (1d8+2 + 4d6)
    Full attack: +1 returning vorpal boomerang +21 ranged (1d8+2 + 4d6) or soulknife +24/+19/+14/+9 melee (1d8+1)
    Space/Reach: 5 ft./5 ft.
    Special Attacks: Aura of unreality, eyescape, psionics, summon dreamborn, unfettered mind, vorpal boomerang
    Special Qualities: All-around vision, blindsight 60 ft., damage reduction 15/evil and chaos, dreamborn, dream interpretation, fast healing 10, immunity to blinding, confusion and insanity powers and affects, outsider traits, persistent focus, power resistance 36, tardemah traits, true seeing
    Saves: Fort +15, Ref +11, Will +22
    Abilities: Str 12, Dex 12, Con 21, Int 20, Wis 31 (+10), Cha 21
    Skills: Autohypnosis +31, Bluff +27, Concentration +27, Diplomacy +27, Escape Artist +23, Intimidate +27, Jump +23, Knowledge (nature/psionics/religion/the planes) +27, Listen +32, Lucid Dreaming +32
    Feats: Greater Psionic Weapon, Inquisitor(B), Hear the Unseen, Iron Will, Mental Leap, Point Blank Shot, Psionic Weapon, Up the Wall
    Environment: Dreamheart
    Organization: Solitary
    Challenge Rating: 20
    Treasure: None
    Alignment: Always lawful good
    Advancement: 20-59 HD (Medium)
    Level Adjustment: -

    Guardian celestials of dream and highest ranking servants of the godminds of the Dreamheart, dalmerdals are amongst the wisest creatures in creation. They can assume the form of any creature or object they wish, but only very rarely do so. Their natural form resembles a slightly short, lanky human with dark reddish-brown skin. Their faces are ageless and unlined, but they seem ancient nonetheless. From their heads grows a veritable mane of extremely wavy silvery white hair held back by leather headbands. Their lean faces show no emotion whatsoever, unless it is one of calm control. The eyes, which are normally closed, are nonexistent. In their place are holes of unfathomable depth within which tiny pinpoints of light chase and revolve around one another in a hypnotic fashion. They wear nothing but dun colored loincloths, and sometimes within the exact middle of their forehead is what appears as a circle of white paint as if rubbed there by fingertip.

    Dalmerdals are found almost exclusively within the great forests of the Karribi, or Mindfields, found within the center of the Dreamheart which unlike its chaotic surroundings is kept stable and unchanging by the collective minds of those that dream. In these forests are the rare massive trees miles high surrounding their comparatively diminutive brethren. Halfway up the trunk the wood twists in on itself and forms arches all about its circumference and meeting back together scores of feet overhead. They braid back together flush and from there the trunk continues until it erupts into thousands of branches thick with foliage. Within each of these dozens of arches is a skeletal figure with parchment-like skin stretched over the bones. In places the skin has torn and shredded webs collect dust, though there is no sign of their arachnid makers. These remains are barely clothed by a collection of loose, filthy rags that may once have been fine vestments. The Dead Watchers as they call themselves do much as their name suggests, watching over the dreamheart and the dreamscapes that float like islands about it. None know why the Watchers take this form, save perhaps the Dalmerdal who do not tell. These watchers communicate to one another, and to the Dalmerdal whom are the mobile servants of the Watchers, going hither and thither where they are needed. Often times they are merely found sitting at the base of the trees, deep in thought or communication beyond the understanding of most beings.

    A dalmderal normally stands about 5-6 foot and weighs around 120 lbs. They seem to be capable of speaking any language that exists, though it may simply be a form of telepathy so subtle none recognize it from normal speech.

    Dalmerdals are more loathe to fight than any of the tardemah, instead trying to calm combatants by reading their minds and finding the cause of their hositility. Those whom remain violent are usually thrown out of the dreamheart or dreamscape. Particularly vile and evil combatants however are doomed to spend their existence in an eternal dreamscape of the dalmerdal's creation. Only when the threat is too powerful to imprison or too dangerous to ignore does a dalmerdal resort to battle.

    A dalmerdal's +1 returning vorpal boomerang is a long piece of curved, highly polished dark wood with a razor-sharp edge. The weapon deals slashing damage, in addition to 4d6 extra damage. A dalmerdal can also manifest a mind blade as a 16th level Soulknife.

    A dalmerdal's natural weapons, as well as any weapons it wields, are treated as law-aligned and good-aligned for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction.

    Aura of Unreality (Su):
    Dalmerdal's are so closely connected with the phantasmal underlying fabric of dream that if the Dalmerdal wishes, anyone that comes within 5 feet is faced with a reality they cannot handle. They must make a DC 24 will save or go insane as the insanity power. If they make the save they still take 1d4 wisdom drain and are dazed until the next round. Those that make the save cannot be affected again until they sleep or 24 hours, whichever comes first. The save DC is Charisma-based.

    Dream Interpretation (Su):
    Just by hearing or witnessing a dream a Dalmerdal can tell what is in store for the dreamer with uncanny accuracy. He's considered to have the Dreamtelling feat and gains a +20 bonus to his check.

    Eyescape (Su):
    Each of the mote-like sparks within a Dalmerdal's eye is a complete dreamscape that because of the nature of dream can be of any size. These scapes may be a series of ideal places that dalmerdal may retire to while others are hellish places where particularly foul dreamers, demons and creatures of dream are imprisoned, some maybe never to return. These scapes are in complete control by the Dalmerdal and normal lucid dreaming does not work within them. A dalmerdal can imprison any being that it looks upon unless the subject can make a DC 29 Will check. Those that make the save cannot be imprisoned for 24 hours. This is a gaze effect.

    Persistent Focus (Ps):
    A dalmerdal is always considered psionically focused.

    Psionics: Manifester level 20. Save DC's are wisdom based. Powers are manifested to their maximum for the dalmerdal's manifester level if applicable.

    At will - Aura Sight (DC 23), Body Equilibrium (DC 21), Call to Mind (DC 20), Empathy (DC 20), Greater Concealing Amorpha (DC 22, stacks with miss-chance), Dream Travel (DC 26); Greater Precognition (DC 25), Mind Probe (DC 24), Read Thoughts (DC 21), Sensitivity to Psychic Impressions (DC 21);
    4/day - Temporal Acceleration (DC 25);
    1/day - Form of Doom (DC 25), Plane Shift (DC 26).

    True Seeing (Su): Dalmerdals have a continuous true seeing ability, as the power (manifester level 20th).

    Unfettered Mind (Ex):
    Once per week a dalmerdal can allow all preconceived notions and mental boundaries fall away. For a full minute they perceive time, space and thought as a whole. In this minute they may pass through any boundary, learn any answer, manifest any power or cast any spell or proceed to any point in space and time. So overwhelmed are they with these revelations that they cannot do anything else within this minute than their original action, aside from simple movement. As this minute is up (from their personal perspective) they return to the place and time they started.

    There is a 25% accumulative chance every month of the dalmerdal losing themselves within this overpowering insight. Those whom become lost dissipate and become one with the universal consciousness that composes the region of dreams. Because of this dalmerdals only use this ability more than once a month in the most dire situations.
    Any mortal who in any way is in contact with a dalmerdal's mind as it its mind unfetters instantly dies, no save, for no mortal being, no matter how powerful, can full encompass what the dalmderal experiences. Non-mortals (aside from deities and other dalmerdals) merely go insane as the insanity spell.

    Vorpal Boomerang (Su):
    Every dalmerdal carries a +1 returning vorpal boomerang made of what appears as dark, waxed wood with a sharpened edge. It deals an additional 4d6 damage on a successful strike against against thinking creatures as the Mindthrust power.

    A dalmerdal gains a +20 racial bonus on knowledge (the planes) checks in regards to the region of dreams and dreamtelling. A dalmerdal can always choose to take 10 on a Climb check, even if rushed or threatened.
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