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    Sorry about the lateness. I'm currently fighting off Tech Week (If you haven't ever had the pleasure of mopping up gallons of fake blood, I envy you) a Spanish test that pops up out of nowhere, Borderlands (just beat it), and other general collegiate shenanigans.

    This wasn't the full comic I was planning to make, but it fit nicely with the formatting/time. So yeah, I might be able to make another comic by Thursday.
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    So yeah, you know the drill, Comment!
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    I like how both the "Jackal" and the "FoxHound" are summoned to their posts by a mysterious man with a goatee and glasses--
    For some reason, this inspired me to show you all a picture of myself.

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    I don't know if you've noticed, but pretty much everything BRC posts is full of awesome.
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    So, Astronaut, War Hero, or hideous Mantis Man, hop to it! The future of humanity is in your capable hands and or terrifying organic scythes.
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