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    All right! Finally, time for the moment we've all (or maybe just myself) been waiting for: the next climactic storyline battle! More plot revelation, more epic battle music, and more fun dialogue to write!

    Let's Play Labyrinth of Gensokyo - Chapter 22

    Today is a dark day for my beloved Gensokyo. This world stands on the precipice of a madman threatening to change all that we hold dear. Perhaps the most infuriating part of it all is that I, the great Youkai of Boundaries, was powerless to stop it.

    For decades, Gensokyo has been under the protection of my barrier. Intentionally, my barrier wasn't perfect: things from the outside world, the netherworld, the moon, and even Makai were able to pass through. These connections were an essential part of Gensokyo...but he doesn't understand that. Having obtained the power of Eientei's Sealed Chamber, that fool plans to seal away Gensokyo itself within its perfect walls.

    To Rinnosuke, the prison of the Sealed Chamber is an acceptable price for Gensokyo's security. Of course, perhaps I'm not one to criticize. After all, even with all my power, this incident doesn't bode well for me, does it?

    I suppose I do appear to be the villain here, but of course there's more to this story. Still, the arrogant man refuses to listen to me. Drunk on his self-righteous quest for the delusional safety of Gensokyo, he presses on to resolve this incident by his own methods.

    There is still one more rogue piece on the chessboard, though: Reimu and her ragtag party. Despite their flaws, insecurities, and inability to get along amongst themselves, they have managed to fight their way up to this point. I had created a barrier to keep them at bay, but it seems they've even been able to undo that deterrant. Maybe I underestimated them...or maybe I wanted them to reach me. What could I possibly see in them?

    Reimu's group has surpassed my expectations, but that is still not enough for me to put my confidence in them. One thing's for sure: if they cannot surpass me, they have no hope of defeating Rinnosuke and ending this incident.

    Of course, I still have a stake in this incident. There is still one more secret I hold, the reason why I must personally end this. Neither Reimu nor Rinnosuke know what it's like to have such power, such pressure...that is why I must be the one to do this. If they want to continue their quest, then they must prove their will to be greater than my own.

    This will be their most important test yet. Who will save Gensokyo: the legendary Hakurei shrine maiden, or the very creator of the Gensokyo Barrier? Let this be the battle that decides the fate of our world.

    ~ Yukari Yakumo

    I have an alternate version of the boss battle recorded for demonstrating the best strategy for this fight, which I'll post up later. It'll include the entire pre-battle dialogue too, in case anyone is interested.
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