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    Quote Originally Posted by Winterwind View Post
    It's hardly a tournament list, but it worked pretty well.
    Speaking of Tournaments;

    So, You want to go to a tournament, do you? Here's a few things you need to consider when writing your list. You don't have to prepare against all of them (very few armies can), but, you should at least know what you face;

    Does the majority of your army have a 5+ save or worse? Can your army reliably defend against at least 2 or 3 rounds of AP5 (Bolters, etc.) fire somehow? (Lots of numbers, Cover Saves 'in the open', etc.)
    What happens when your army gets Assaulted?

    Can your army shut down psychic powers? (Psychic Hood, Shadow in the Warp, etc.)
    How does your army deal with - or get around - Leadership checks? Specifically Pinning checks and Tank Shock.
    What do you do when your opponent 'deploys first' but deploys no units?
    Do you have units that can capture or contest objectives over 12" away quickly (in the last turn)?
    Are you sure you have enough Scoring Units? Check again. Are you sure? Check again. Really? You sure?

    AP3 (or less) weapons? Do you have some?
    Do you have reliable Anti-Tank weapons? AP1? Can they manoeuvre to Rear Armour - or at least Side Armour - easily?
    What about dealing with Mechanised Lists?
    What about lists with two, three - or more - Medium/Heavy Tanks (Vindicators, Leman Russes, Hammerheads, etc)?
    What happens if the opposing vehicle is immune to Melta, Lance or Ordnance rules?
    What about Land Raiders? Two?
    How 'bout Monoliths? Two? Three?

    How does your army deal with Terminators? What about in Assault?
    How does your army deal with Wraithlords? What about two or three?*
    How does your army deal with Walkers that get into Assault?
    How does your army deal with Outflankers or Deep Strikers?
    How does your army deal with units with Cover Saves (as low as 2 or 3+)? Reliably.

    *If your army can deal with Wraithlords, it can deal with Daemon Princes and TMCs as well.
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