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    Lightbulb [Vestige] Tell me 'bout the good old days...

    Grandpa, everything is changing fast
    We call it progress, but I just don't know
    And Grandpa, let's wander back into the past
    And paint me the picture of long ago

    Did lovers really fall in love to stay
    And stand beside each other, come what may?
    Was a promise really something people kept
    Not just something they would say?
    Did families really bow their heads to pray
    Did daddies really never go away?
    Oh, Grandpa, tell me 'bout the good old days


    Praeter, the Dead Immortal

    {table]Vestige Level: 7th
    Bind DC: 30
    Special Requirements: Yes[/table]

    Praeter was a man who could not get over his past, and wallowed in hindsight even after learning the secret of immortality. His granted abilities helps his summoners to turn back the clock and right past wrongs.

    Legend: Praeter was one such man who left all he knew for the greener pasture he was sure was beyond. He became intensely wealthy, but after an attempt on his life he became obsessed with his own mortality. He eventually spent all he had gained to discover a way to prolong his life. He delved into mysticism and the arcane with a single-minded fervor that allowed him to excel in his studies and explorations. Finally he believed he had found the cure for age and so he had. However, as all those he knew died and the once prosperous city crumbled to ruin he knew that he had somehow failed as well.

    He had squandered his years and before he knew it had grown old beyond all reckoning, destitute in his very soul. Alone, without friends or family, he spent many a dark day in the decrepit rooms of his formerly glorious manor. In the shadows of his mind a light of madness began to flicker. He would return to his past and the days of his happiness. Somehow, someway, he would.

    No one is quite certain how, but Praeter managed to pull himself out of the stream of time. What he did not realize was that once he had removed himself from time, so had he removed himself from life. And so he remains, unable to return to his youth, but unwilling to move ahead.

    Special Requirements: Praeter will not answer the summons of any being with an Age Category younger than Middle Age.

    Manifestation: An ancient door, worm-eaten and horribly rusted appears and creaks open like a whimpering scream. Revealed is a dark hallway that extends out of sight. A being appears in the distance and shuffles forward with painful slowness. Praeter manifests as a figure in a thread-bare suit, with moth-eaten holes showing naught but cobwebs within. His head is turned around completely so that he can only see back the way he came. The skin is unwrinkled and ageless, yet age spots speckle it heavily.

    Sign: Your appearance ages to the point you appear more dead than alive, and your hair and teeth fall out. Your voice is dry and raspy so as to be barely heard. Your voice carries no farther than 10 feet, though you may still casts spells with a verbal component.

    Influence: Under Praeter's influence you dwell consistently on your past mistakes, whatever they may be. This intense nostalgia makes you lose interest in all further goals. You lack any ambition and simply do not care about anything but correcting things you failed to do in the past, exacting revenge and other similar goals. As well, you have an intense dislike of dwelling in anything under a century old. Ancient churches, long-standing castles and dusty manors are fine, but newer built constructions fill you with distrust. Praeter requires you give deference to the elderly, showing them constant respect, or suffer the penalty for defying him.

    Granted Abilities: Praeter grants you knowledge of the past, youthful vigor, limited ability over the past and immortality.

    Hindsight: You continuously have historical visions of your current location. Rooms, streets, tunnels, and other discrete locations accumulate impressions left by powerful emotions experienced in a given area. These impressions offer you a picture of the locationís past.
    The types of events most likely to leave impressions are those that elicited strong emotions: battles and betrayals, marriages and murders, births and great pain, or any other event where one emotion dominates. Everyday occurrences leave no residue for you to detect.
    The vision of the event is dreamlike and shadowy. You do not gain special knowledge of those involved in the vision, though you might be able to read large banners or other writing if they are in your language, and gain a +20 bonus to knowledge (history) and +10 to (local) for the area you occupy.
    Beginning with the most recent significant event at a location and working backward in time, you can sense one distinct event for every minute you maintain concentration, if any such events exist to be sensed. Your sensitivity extends into the past a maximum number of years equal to 20 x your binder level.

    Redo: You may reroll any roll you made in the same round, every 5 rounds. Your final reroll must be kept, even if it is worse than.

    Regression: Despite your appearance, a day with Praeter is like taking a dip in the fountain of youth. For all intended purposes you revert to the Age Category of Adulthood, gaining a +1 to your physical stats per age category you regressed (minimum +1). Your mental stats are unaffected. You do not age a second while bound to Praeter, nor can you be magically aged.

    Start Over: Each time you make your pact you must decide whether to accept or decline a special offer by Praeter. If you accept he will turn back time for your body and soul if you should die while bound. The exact time of the binding on the next day you awake with no memory of your time bound, but in the exact same shape directly before the binding. Anything taken from you is still gone, but physically and mentally you are exactly the same. However, upon awakening you must complete the ritual again and he automatically gains full control over you when he wishes. The limits to what he can make you do is the same as Dominate, so that you will not harm yourself or do something in direct opposition to your alignment such as killing a friend. Praeter only takes direct control if you would attempt to go against his inclinations, though has the ability whenever he likes.
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