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    Default Re: [Vestige] Tell me 'bout the good old days...

    The idea of someone's teeth growing back when the pact ends somehow strikes me as odd, but I guess it works.

    Quote Originally Posted by The Vorpal Tribble View Post
    Regression: Despite your appearance, a day with Praeter is like taking a dip in the fountain of youth. For all intended purposes you revert to the Age Category of Adulthood, gaining a +1 to your physical stats per age category you regressed (minimum +1). Your mental stats are unaffected. You do not age a second while bound to Praeter, nor can you be magically aged.
    I assume everything but the last two sentences reverts when the binding ends?

    Quote Originally Posted by The Vorpal Tribble View Post
    Start Over: Each time you make your pact you must decide whether to accept or decline a special offer by Praeter. If you accept he will turn back time for your body and soul if you should die while bound. The exact time of the binding on the next day you awake with no memory of your time bound, but in the exact same shape directly before the binding. Anything taken from you is still gone, but physically and mentally you are exactly the same.
    Wow... is there any practical way around this for an enemy? (considering "ambush him when he reforms before he can complete the ritual again" to NOT be a practical way). If not, then this is the strongest ability of the lot! I can see Epic builds focused around this. Then again, there are tricks one can pull with Astral Travel that are almost as good... and having the PCs needing to figure out how to kill a BBEG who spams this makes a good puzzle.

    DOH! Just remembered Flesh to Stone would do it too...

    Quote Originally Posted by The Vorpal Tribble View Post
    However, upon awakening you must complete the ritual again and he automatically gains full control over you when he wishes. The limits to what he can make you do is the same as Dominate, so that you will not harm yourself or do something in direct opposition to your alignment such as killing a friend. Praeter only takes direct control if you would attempt to go against his inclinations, though has the ability whenever he likes.
    By the fluff I think you mean Charm. Or do you just mean you automatically succeed on any secondary saves? (Does Dominate grant additional saves?)
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