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    Squeezing in some time for a new chapter.

    Let's Play Labyrinth of Touhou - Chapter 23

    So...we're stuck together again?

    Looks like it.

    You'd think that after such an important point in the story, they'd have someone more serious narrate the aftermath.

    You think I'm not serious? I can be deadly serious! Just watch me!

    Yeah, right, whatever.

    With Yukari Yakumo defeated and safely out of our way, our next target was the wayward shopkeeper, Rinnosuke.

    He can't be much further! I can feel it!

    Since we just beat a big major boss, that means we should have an easy time with the very next floor, right? I mean, that just makes sense.

    I can't believe I'm agreeing with you, but I sincerely hope you're right. We really could use a bit of a breather after all we've been through.

    I wonder why Reimu had us do this particular floor?

    I hope it's not another math puzzle. Although, since the past three floors have all been fairly straightforward mazes, and easy ones at that, I'm imagine this place won't be too bad.

    Hey, Suwako! What's that?

    That's...oh no.

    No, this can't be!


    Anything but this! Please, Reimu! I'll donate whatever you want to your shrine, just don't make me do this!

    Do what?

    A...teleporter maze.

    You call yourself a goddess? Sure, you can threaten my life every half hour, but you're still scared of a teleporter maze? Didn't we go through one back on floor 7?

    But that was 10 floors ago! These things are always much harder the deeper you go in a dungeon!

    Yet we've been fine beating the past few floors, right?

    But teleporter mazes are different! They render our map nearly useless, they require immense memorization and a strong sense of direction, and they're just so disorienting!

    Ah, but I have a secret weapon for beating all mazes: just follow the left-hand wall until you eventually find the exit!

    You idiot! That wouldn't work for a teleporter maze! Especially not one where multiple warp pads can lead to the same place! We could be trapped here for who knows how long!

    So we have to spend a few extra hours wandering around, it's OK. It's not like getting lost in a maze could get us kil-WHAAA!

    But that might do the trick.

    What was that!?!

    Looks like another enemy modeled after Alice's old dolls. Strange, how we keep running into these things.

    Oh man, now it's a normal enemy? It's too fast and tough for me, and I can't even freeze it properly!

    Yet that's not the one I'm worried about. These things are part of a matching set, after all.

    Solid defenses and resistances to all elements, casts a very powerful shield over all our enemies, and lets them all act instantaneously. Yup, we're dead.

    At least these are slow enough for me to freeze.

    Then why didn't you? away! least we got away.

    Yes, look at the Strongest of Gensokyo bravely fleeing from an immodest doll and a walking tin can. Surely we can all sleep soundly at night with you watching our backs!

    Hey, even the Strongest gets in difficult situations at times! But my ice will always prevail!

    Really? It hasn't been looking that way to me. In fact, I can think of plenty of things that you can't freeze.

    Oh? Like what?

    Like that spirit orb thingy floating behind you, about to eradicate you and everyone standing around you right now.

    Ooh, glad that wasn't me. Of course, now I have to explain to Reimu why we must peel you guys off the floor.


    What's that? You still want to keep going?

    At least...these can...put up more of a fight...than your precious frogs!

    Oh, you did not just say that! One dead fairy, coming right up!

    Ice Sign "Midsummer Snowman"! Ice ball, roll away!

    Hey! Come back here! I'm still not done rectifying the problem of your being alive!

    Can't stop me now!

    You don't even know where you're going! What makes you think you can just-

    Well, that figures.

    All right, we're done with this floor!

    Oh no, you're still not off the hook yet! Fairy Hunting "Idiot Fairy Eaten By Snake"!


    OK, now we're done. Just as soon as I finish the final touches on this map.

    Nevermind. This thing is still useless.

    ~ Suwako Moriya

    ~ Cirno

    A few notes on That One Level:

    Floor 17 may well be my pick for the main game's Scrappy Level. Not only is it a teleporter maze that's much more complex than Floor 7's, but the enemies here are pretty ridiculous. The 3 Angelic Conceptions will drive you nuts. Angelic Conception - Battle is extremely fast, has very high HP, and can 1-shot weaker characters with strong physical attacks. Angelic Conception - Magic is still reasonably fast, resists all elements, and spams strong multi-target elemental spells. Angelic Conception - Holy is slow and vulnerable to status effects, but if you ever let it have even a single turn with other enemies on the field, Prayer of Supremacy will make you pay dearly. It grants a 100% buff to all enemies' DEF and MND, plus instantly fills their active guage. If you get a group of 3 Golden Knights and an Angelic Conception - Holy, and you fail to defeat 1-2 of the knights before the Angel takes its turn, expect a game over from eating 3-5 Iai Slashes in a row.

    Aside from the Angelic Conceptions, the Golden Knights themselves have very high HP and defenses, making it tough to defeat them before they get a turn, especially if they come in groups. The other new enemy to be aware of is Spirit Crystallization. They have unbelievably high MND, so you're almost obligated to just use physical attacks on them. Unfortunately, they come in groups of 3, and most physical spells are single-target and still not strong enough to OHKO them. They're also immune to status effects on top of that. Finally, they posses incredibly powerful spells. Expect at least one casualty every time they attack, or even a full group wipe if you get hit by Dual Colorful Light without some high MND characters active.

    Many players who have trouble with the significantly more difficult enemies on this floor opt to use Chen or Aya with lots of TP+ gear, and just run away from all battles while making a beeline for the exit. This is not a bad idea if you're having too much trouble with the Angelic Conceptions and Spirit Crystallizations, as Floor 18's enemies aren't quite as dangerous as these. Exploring the entirety of Floor 17 isn't necessary either, as there are no treasure chests or events to be found. However, since you're missing out on a whole floor's worth of experience points, don't be surprised of Floor 18's boss hands you a crushing defeat and forces you to level grind. Being a perfectionist, I ended up exploring the entire floor and fought every battle (including at least one or two game overs), so I didn't feel any need to level grind later.
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