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    Name: Iwamori Higure (Family name, Given name)
    Position: Spiritually Aware Human
    Reiatsu: Slate Blue (#7B68EE)
    Age: 26
    Height: 6'2"
    Weight: 145lbs.

    This is an artist's rendition of Higure, with his zanpakuto's spirit, Untaidake, behind him. Drawn by my friend Sarah.

    Higure is a tall, thin man with almost gaunt features. His square, silver-rimmed glasses obscure his dark blue eyes, causing his pupil and iris to almost blend in with each other. His dark hair is almost shoulder length, and pulled away from his face. At a glance, he appears to be frowning, but almost never is.

    In the way of clothing, Higure always wears his aforementioned glasses, dark pants or slacks, nice shoes, a short sleeved dress shirt of some pleasing pattern using purple, and a dark colored vest. Over this he has a long, off-white coat, not quite a trenchcoat. Untaidake sits under his left arm, upside down. The sword hangs loosely, easy to draw with his right hand.

    Personality: Higure is a calm man, easy to imagine in a lab coat finding a cure for cancer or inventing the newest chemical weapon. A chemistry major with a taste for DnD, he's not one to doubt any sort of outlandish explanation or request from those he trusts. He's joking around his friends, and always good for a conversation. Currently a consultant working for Daiichi Pharmaceutical, he gets a lot of free time, and will wander the streets looking for interesting things. He likes swords and knifes, and owns several of each. Of course he's always carrying one. Higure also likes computers and reading.

    Zanpakuto: Untaidake
    Untaidake was inherited from his grandfather, along with a note. The note said that the sword was called Untaidake, and was passed down from his grandfather before him. The beautifully crafted wakizashi is very sharp for looking so ceremonial.
    Picture 1 Picture 2 Picture 3 Picture 4
    20" all together, 14" blade
    Untaidake takes the spiritual form of a green Coatl* with yellow eyes.

    Abilities: Higure has found that Untaidake can cut through almost anything, and that he seems to move faster while holding Untaidake. While Untaidake is short, Higure is fast, and doesn't need Untaidake to kill someone. He's not strong, but is a master of hand to hand combat. In addition to English and Japanese, he speaks some Russian.

    *:a coatl is a type of winged, feathered serpent in DnD. The best picture I can find is this.
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