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Thread: Let's Play: MSPaint Adventure: GenGame!

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    Default Let's Play: MSPaint Adventure: GenGame!

    Hello, and welcome to GenGame! For those of you who don't already know what this is all about, it's going to be an Adventure game, inspired by MSPaint Adventures. Over the course of this game, you, the forumgoers, will decide what path our hero and his companions will take and how they will defeat their enemies! The story is completely open to whatever commands you give, but choose wisely, as there may well be consequences. And hijinks!

    After I post each update, you, the players, will be able to submit your commands, and then I will pick one of those commands and post the next update, after which you will again be able to submit commands, and so forth. Anyone can post a command, and the command can be anything you wish, but try not to repeat a command someone else has already given. All commands must be given in bold to help me find them, and you can only give one command per update each. Feel free to discuss the comic as much as you like in this thread as well.

    Credit and much thanks to Domochevsky, who will be drawing the pictures of each update.

    Enough of that, let's get to the action!

    Chapter 1: Its a Generic World After All

    Chat Log:
    BlueHat (BH) has joined #Tavern at 14:32.
    DB: Thts it, im outta here.
    DB: You loosers can just do watever you want.

    MG: go die in a fire
    MG: jerk

    SM: Again, if you'd just tell us what you're trying to...he's already left, hasn't he?
    MG: probly
    MG: i dont know how he comes and goes like that without showing up in the log

    BH: Hey guys, what was that about?
    SM: Oh, just DB being annoying, as he always is.
    MG: you finally finish getting set up over there bh?
    BH: Yah, just have to make my character now.
    MG: go for a deacon
    MG: theyre crazy good
    MG: not as good as machinist ofc
    MG: but we dont need two of those >:)

    BH: I don't have the unlockables, remember?
    SM: You never did explain why you couldn't get those...
    BH: ...
    SM: Anyways, you should just pick whatever fits you best. I'm sure we'll do fine in any case.
    MG: whatever all the noob classes are the same anyways
    MG: as in they SUCK all the same :D

    BH: I don't need some cheater uber class to beat your sorry ass.
    MG: not cheating if its in the game :p :p :p
    SM: Anyways, just get in here already. We've been waiting for half an hour.
    BH: yeah yeah, just give me a minute.

    Game Loaded.
    > /Join Game

    Chat Log:
    MG: well bh is a lost cause but you really should pick another class sm
    MG: that ones better than the basics but not by much

    SM: *Sigh* And again, I'm sure this is the class I want to play.
    MG: fine fine
    MG: but i mean
    MG: its really not any different from the soldier

    SM: Sure it is. The soldier is a melee/leader hybrid, able to lead the troops from the front and such. Whereas my class is much more pure.
    MG: yah i guess
    MG: oh well as long as you dont go for the spy
    MG: with those tiny daggers and pistols
    MG: cant kill itself outta a plastic bag

    SM: It's not supposed to be a powerful combatant. It's strengths are much more...subtle.
    SM: But you were never one to appreciate subtlety, were you? I'm still surprised you picked the class you did.

    MG: you kiddin this class is all kinds of pwn
    MG: i could beat you all senseless without even moving

    SM: Just don't forget that we're on a team, here. You should be helping us, not showing off.
    MG: whatever just dont hold me back
    MG: anyways bh you should go for the psion
    MG: its the only basic class worth anything

    SM: I don't know, it seems to lack...staying power. What happens when you can't cast anymore?
    MG: doesnt matter if you killed them
    MG: unless you blow up
    MG: but thatd be fun to watch >:3
    MG: much better than the gunner anyways

    SM: I don't know, I've heard good things about sniping.
    MG: ugh
    MG: where
    MG: sniping is suck
    MG: if youre gunna gimp yourself with that class you may as well go for the big guns

    SM: Anyways, you've been awfully quiet, BlueHat. Have you decided your class yet?
    MG: well?
    BH: Oh sorry I wasn't really paying attention
    BH: but yeah I think I know what I want.

    Choose your GENDER and CLASS

    > Cheat to unlock the restricted classes.
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