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Yes, excellent work on the wordplay so far.

Oh, and just in case, my vote could also count for Gunner if there's ever a tie between that and some other non-Spy thing.
No conditional commands, please. You can change your command at any time, though if I've already gone through and picked it won't matter. Other than that though, you get one command, and it is for one thing.

And just to drive the message home, commands should be in bold. It being at the top of the post and with a > before it would be nice too, but bold is the main important thing. Anything not in bold is going to be ignored, as a rule. Sorry if this seems strict, but I don't want any complaints of missed commands or shrodinger commands that change and then that changing changes something else which changes the first one again and...well, yeah. KISS rule applies here.

That said, most of the commands so far have been just fine. Keep it up!