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    At 1st level, you may choose to trade in your level-based AC bonus and increased unarmed strike damage. You gain the skirmish class feature instead, which applies whenever you attack with an unarmed strike or a special monk weapon while wearing no armor. Whenever you gain levels in a class that would improve your monk unarmed strike progression, it instead improves your skirmish progression. If you choose this alternate class feature, the Superior Unarmed Strike feat improves your base unarmed strike damage instead of increasing your effective monk level. You may multi-class freely with ranger, and you qualify for the Swift Hunter feat as if your monk levels were levels in the scout class.

    • This ACF reinforces the monk's role as a fast-moving skirmisher and enables him to use monk weapons without taking a hit to his damage output at higher levels.
    • Small monks will appreciate it as well, as it replaces a damage booster that is size-dependent with one that is not. This ACF also opens up some interesting possibilities for monk/ranger multiclass combinations.
    • Normally skirimish is a bit of a downer because it restricts your full attack, but the monk doesn't get an iterative until level 8, and by level 9 his Tumble bonus from Dance with the Elements is high enough to take 10' (instead of 5') adjustments, so the revised monk can qualify for skirmish on a full attack pretty routinely.

    If you select the Decisive Strike Alternate Class Feature (PH2), you may execute a decisive strike as a standard action, rather than a full-round action.

    Since the revised monk can flurry as a standard action, it makes sense that Decisive Strike, which replaces flurry, should also become a standard action.

    Level: 1st
    Replaces: If you select this class feature, you do not gain Research as a bonus feat at 1st level, nor do you gain Decipher Script or Forgery as class skills.
    Benefit: You gain Track as a bonus feat, and Survival becomes a monk class skill for you.

    Take this class variant when taking your first level of monk. A martial monk attacks using the full base attack progression, but does not gain the Empty Strike class feature at level 3. A martial monk gains 6+int skill points per level rather than 8+Int.

    For players who want a monk with a full base attack bonus, here it is. This variant gains the ability to make more attacks, at a small cost in accuracy, damage, and skill points.

    Replaces: If you select this class feature, you do not gain Research as a bonus feat at 1st level, nor do you gain Decipher Script or Forgery as class skills.
    Benefit: You gain trapfinding as a rogue, and Disable Device and Open Locks become monk class skills for you.

    At 4th level, you may choose to trade in your slow fall ability. You gain blindsense 20 ft. instead. At every even-numbered level thereafter, the range of your blindsense increases by 10 ft. At level 12, you also gain blindsight at half the range of your blindsense.

    StV is better than Slow Fall. However, many players perceive Slow Fall as an iconic monk class ability and don't want to lose it, even if it makes their character less optimal, so I provided StV as an ACF rather than making a replacement. Also, Dancing with the Elements opens up opportunities to leap from great heights more frequently, making Slow Fall more valuable and rendering this ACF more of an even trade.

    Prerequisites: About to take their first level of Monk, chaotic alignment.
    Benefit: May treat all references to Lawful in the Monk class as instead reading Chaotic. In addition, they may take the feat Axiomatic Strike as Anarchic strike, dealing their bonus damage to lawful creatures or those with DR/chaotic.
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