All right now, this is it! The penultimate storyline boss of the game!

Let's Play Labyrinth of Touhou - Chapter 25

Once, I was but a humble shopkeeper. Now, Gensokyo has chosen me to be its champion in its darkest moment. I've come so far already, endured so many trials. But more are yet to come.

Reimu's party has surpassed all my expectations. Initially, I had only needed them to distract Eientei while I obtained the Sealed Chamber spellcard. However, they've managed to press on much further, defeating even Yukari Yakumo. Along the way, they've learned much about my plans. If I hadn't found that one girl when I did, they'd be no farther from solving this incident that I...

But all that doesn't matter now. I will be the one to resolve this. Reimu and her friends are not reliable enough to complete this task. Only I have the vision to ensure Gensokyo's prolonged protection.

These girls think they can defeat me as I am right now, not knowing just how much stronger I've become. By the blessing of Gensokyo, I have enacted a seemingly impossible scientific theory, and tapped into the power of all my possible selves. With such a gift, how could they possibly hope to win?

I must succeed. It is the will of Gensokyo. I shall be vindicated by my beloved land!

The time has come. I will be triumphant for the sake of Gensokyo.

~ Rinnosuke Morichika

You know, while writing this I realized that Rinnosuke reminded me a lot Miyo Miyazaki. Except, you know, being a lot more reasonable once beaten.