One more expositional cutscene:

Expositional Interlude

Rinnosuke: That's...that's impossible...Gensokyo chose me...this power, Gensokyo gave...

Yukari: Now, answer the question. Did you end up finding "those girls"?

Ran: Those girls?

Remi: Who do you mean?

Yukari, you told me to "understand my own abilities." Now I understand what you the end, I and my abilities have their limits.

The limits of a when the person himself decides that he "can't go on". I wonder, is your limit really that?

...I didn't answer the question, huh...whether I found "those girls". Come on out. It'll be okay.

Renko: Mr. Rinnosuke...

Reimu: W,'re...Who's this?

Marisa: Oh boy. That gag at a time like this? Really though, I haven't seen her before too. Who are you?[/color]

Alice: Huh. A person the well-traveled Reimu and Marisa don't know? That can be both good and bad.


Ehh!? How did you know my name?

Of course Reimu and Marisa wouldn't know who she is. This girl is Renko Usami. She's from the outside world.

The outside world!? Then, this girl is...

The human that Yukari brought from the outside?

Not quite. Though the outside part is correct.

Additionally, it seems like these girls weren't brought over by Yukari.

Eirin: What?

And "these girls"? There's more than one human that came from outside?

Yes, there's one more. She's called Maribel Han. I just call her Mari though. Mari has a weird power that lets her see borders. But recently, that power grew stronger and stronger...She could manipulate borders as well as see them.

Youmu: I see, and she used that power to come to Gensokyo.

Yep yep. But she gets lost easily. So since I can find out where I am easily, I went with her. Also, Mari's power grew so suddenly, and it started to feel really dangerous...She didn't seem to be able to control it at times. So, I decided I had to go too just in case, but...

If you're talking about it in that kind of way...

Could it be that this incident was created by the power of a single human from the outside world?

I don't know...I can't say for sure, but it's very much possible. Renko, please go on.

Yeah...Then, Mari used her power to go back and forth between the two worlds often. But as we traveled, both the barrier and Mari's condition started to worsen. We decided that it was too dangerous, and to stop using her power for a while, but as we tried to go back, Mari...It seemed like she lost control of her power. It felt like the space around Mari was being torn apart. That tear in space suddenly grew bigger in an instant, and it swallowed me up...

And then I found her while exploring, took care of her, and heard what she just told you all.

That an outside human could have powers better than that of Gensokyo's residents...

Well, that is rather surprising, but there's one more important detail. Yukari, why did you lie? You said you were the culprit, but you were doing damage control all the while. Why lie to that extent? If you didn't say that you were the culprit, it wouldn't have gotten this complicated. Though it did cover for me...


Well, since we know it now, there's no need to make a fuss over it, hey?[/color]


Marisa, this isn't the time to say things like that.

We beat up all of Eientei! We beat Yukari and Kourin too! Then after we beat them up, it turned out that all of them wanted to bring Gensokyo back to how it was before! And now we know the cause, everyone can help resolve it, then we have a happy ending. Isn't that all that matters?[/color]



Marisa, you're really...Honestly, that may be the best way to think. It's so something Marisa would say, though...hahaha.

Anyway, um...Renko, was it? Where did that Mari girl you mentioned go off to?

She should be at the core of the strange space, just ahead.

Huh, looks like the goal is just in front of us.

Let us make haste. There's not much time left. If we don't hurry, that girl's power may cause tears in Gensokyo and bring chaos...

...Although really, I'd like to know more about what your explanation didn't cover...Well, as Marisa said, it may well be best to resolve this incident first, then ask the questions later. Let's hurry. The path may be short, but our time we have left is too.