Fushichou High School

Fushichou High School is a public school that is in Fushichou City. Being now serving it's 60 year opening, it is currently ranked as the best school in academic and sports, with competitive clubs and a history of students achieving good university after graduating. It is an old building, but well aged in the shape of エ. It has three stories, and many unused classrooms now.

Of course, every school has it's troubles, and there are some students who are better than others. There is a group of delinquents who the teachers worry about, but cannot seem to control. There are rumors of criminal connections, but the teachers do not tell students this.


Fushichou High School being a historic school, has a long history of prestige and also problems. The students have a developed history of ghost-stories passed down from their senior students, and some students have parents who attended the same school many times. It is common in summer to have trial of guts for the students to sneak into the school at night to look for ghosts and tell scary stories.
How many are real? How many are not? It is uncertain. Many senior students trick the first-year juniors to participate in such trials so they can scare them. Fortunately no one has become hurt from this yet.


The teaching staff is very diverse, from several old teachers who have been there for five years, and some very young teachers who just have started their first year.
The teacher room is large and holds all of the teachers. The Vice Principal's desk is also here. Any student who wants to come in must announce respectfully such intention, before talking to the teacher (or to borrow room keys for club or cleaning). The Principal's office is next door, but students are not allowed in here unless called for.
The sports club teachers have a special closet to hold the sport equipment.


There are three sets for the grades. Each student is in a 'set' for the year (but it may change on the next year). The students stays with that room (it is 'Homeroom') and the teachers come to it for each lesson. (except for PE, Music, Art, and Industrial Arts and Homemaking which have their own rooms the class goes to). Eating, Cleaning, sports, culture festival, is all participated through this system, so what 'set' you are in is important. Most students bring their box-lunch from home, but some buy bread. Within a 'set' classroom, students each have 'seat number' (it is their number to be used for important things and attendance), and also sit in small groups at some times (like lunch). These 'small groups' are maybe 5-6 people normally. Normally class size is maybe 30-40 students. (my school was very small by such a thought). For a class, there is a student who is made 'representative' and a health officer in case a student is sick.


Year 1

Year 2

Year 3


School begins at 8:30, but students must be inside their room at 8:25. Lunch is at 12:40, and class starts at 13:40 again. Cleaning happens at 15:30 and all students must help.
After school it is club activity time, and the school has many clubs. Most start at 16:00 or 16:30.

Most students joins a club in year 1 after the first month. It is not required, but it is fun. Many students instead attend 'Cramming School' in the evening, or go home early. Many Year 3 students do this in wintertime for studying for university examinations. Some students must travel by train or walking far, so they also leave early before it becomes too dark.

Sports Clubs:
Baseball, Boxing, Wrestling, Badminton, Hard and Soft Tennis, Volleyball, Soccer, Rugby, Table-Tennis, Basketball, Track and Field, Kyuudo, Judo, Kendo, Karate.

The sports clubs meet in the gymnasium, but there is the martial art building where kendo and karate meet. Kyuudo practices in it's own small building as well.

Culture Clubs:
Broadcasting Club, Tea Ceremony, Japanese Calligraphy, Go (a game), Book, Brass Band, Art club, Flower arrangement club, Nature club, traditional singing, ESS, Cooking, Computer club.

I hope maybe that is some idea for the way a school is. I am uncertain if there is more information that is wanted. Please tell me if there are questions.