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"It's a horse-sized housefly with a set of gigantic mandibles!"
"Shuddup. It's a half-wasp fly. A wizard did it."
Funny enough, there is a template in this book that could produce a wasp-fly...but the Templates Appendix is still a ways off, so we'd best get going.


Frost Man
Did you ever want a race of Neanderthal-like men that could fire ice beams from their right eye, which is kept under an eyepatch most of the time? No? Well, you're getting them with this book anyway. The frost men (who, like the crabmen, do have women and children, but...eh) are a group of arctic warriors that prefer to remain to themselves. You are likely to be attacked on sight for disturbing a frost man, granting the race the coveted title of "Usually cannon fodder Evil" race for the areas too cold for your standard orcs or goblinoids. I guess if you want a low-level cold weather encounter, the CR 2 frost men would be fitting for you.

The gambado quite fits is designation as a creature of the Aberration type. It's sort of....kind of like....well, just look.
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The gambado is a human-sized creature with a cylindrical torso topped by a humanoid skull-like head. Two long arms ending in razor-sharp claws protrude from the body. Its torso ends in three long, single-toed feet. Its body is gray in color and leathery and can be compressed like a spring. This is its primary means of locomotion. By compressing its body, the gambado can spring up or forward.
Beyond its freakish appearance, though, the gambado isnt' really that special. It's a CR 3 encounter that sits in its lair until something gets too close, then attacks with its teeth and claws. Eh.

Three gargoyles are presented in the Tome (all, strangely enough, Magical Beasts rather than Monstrous Humanoids as the 3E gargoyle itself is, but otherwise mostly matching the Monster Manual beast), the first being one that should bring up some tears and bad memories. The four-armed gargoyle is a CR 4 encounter that reads pretty much like a standard gargoyle, only with two more claw attacks. Why then, you must be wondering, is it so painful? Well...it originally appeared in the Tomb of Horrors. Similarly, the green guardian is a CR 4 gargoyle with few alterations from your standard gargoyle...with two big exceptions. One is that, unless its gemstone eyes are destroyed, the green guardian will simply reanimate after about a week. Second, two successful claw attacks induce a hold person SLA on the poor assaulted adventurer. Nasty.

Then there's the margoyle. With 6 rather than the standard 4 gargoyle Hit Die, more powerful attacks, but not much else, they are essentially the gargoyle version of hobgoblins or flinds. Indeed, it is stated that the "meaner, eviler, and deadlier" (their words, not mine) margoyles are the de facto leader of most gargoyle get-togethers.