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    Name/Rank: "Generals Morgan", Tallea and Isabel Morgan. Commanders of the Amestrian troops in Ishbal.
    Age: 23.
    Birthdate: May 11, July 8.
    Height: 5'8'', 5'7''.
    Weight: No one knows except them.
    Gender: Female.

    • Amestrian Military

    • The Fuhrer

    • Themselves

    Currently Positioned In: Central.

    Appearance: Both are similar in height and weight, but look very different. Tallea has milky white skin marred by a few freckles on her cheeks. She has long, flaming scarlet hair with streaks of daffodil yellow here and there. Her hair is voluminous and always seems to be tinged with a fine film of black ash. Her eyes are a startling electric blue. She always wears her military uniform with the jacket undone to reveal a dark brown shirt.

    Isabel's skin is the creamy brown colour of hot chocolate. She has plump lips and large eyes framed by heavy black lashes. Her hair is close-cropped to her skull and is straight. It is teal-coloured and seems to sparkle like it is wet. Her eyes, however, are a piercing murky orange, like molten lava. She too wears her military uniform at all times, but with the jacket done up. She can always be seen wearing a gray military-style hat.

    Omake-style pictures:


    Manga-style pictures:


    Personality: Both girls are extremely suspicious and shy. They became attached to each other as soon as they met. A unique trait of Isabel's is that she speaks to no one save the Fuhrer and Tallea. They are both very smart and cunning, and never the ones to make the first move. They are so close that you might think they are one spirit sharing two entities, which might be why their name seems like the name of a singular person instead of two people. Tallea is fiery and passionate about her work, and is rather agressive, bordering on violent, when provoked. She is the voice of instinct out of the two. Whenever orders are issued, she is usually the one who does most of the talking. Isabel is calm, cool, and mellow, but when she is proven wrong, she can lose control easily. She is more the voice of reason and ethics.

    Country and Beliefs: Tallea and Isabel fully support Amestris and both pledged their full efforts to try and exterminate every last member of the Ishvalan race. Tallea is fueled by a personal grudge, because her cousin was killed by an Ishvalan warrior priest. Isabel, being part of Tallea, feels this grudge as well, although not as strongly.

    Role In The War: Together, Tallea and Isabel have pretty much full command of the troops in Ishval. They rarely fight themselves. They plot strategies, assign duties, locations, and sectors, and basically control the war. The only exception to this is whenever the Fuhrer issues them an order.

    Abilities: It is a known fact throughout Amestris and all of the surrounding countries that Tallea and Isabel will inherit the title of Fuhrer after the current one. Isabel is very smart and can make almost any conversation go her way. Since they don't like to fight often, very little is known of their real powers. Although, Tallea is rumoured to be a deadly accurate shot with almost any kind of gun, and Isabel is said to be a vicious and beyond capable swordfighter.

    Quotes: "We even have secrets that the Fuhrer himself doesn't know about. Primarily, a big-ass chocolate stash in our office."

    "Tallea? Okay? No."
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