Here's another chapter, covering the biggest floor yet in the game.

Let's Play Labyrinth of Touhou - Chapter 26


COVER STORY - Following the defeat of rogue shopkeeper Rinnosuke Morichika, the Gensokyo Expedition Team lead by Hakurei shrine maiden Reimu Hakurei advanced to the 19th floor of the strange space that had appeared in Gensokyo some time ago.

The exceptionally long name of the floor bears witness to the immense size of the area. Without a doubt, this was the largest floor to have appeared yet in the strange space, an enormous maze that seemed to sprawl on endlessly. Despite their successes on the previous floors, morale for the group was at an all-time low.

The team found the stairs to Floor 20 close by, but the pathway was blocked by a series of 4 magic sigils. Investigations now pending for the resolution of these sigils.


TECHNOLOGY - Two young upstarts native to the 19th Floor have displayed impressive creativity in the field of combat. These pioneering freespirits have garnered the attention of the Gensokyo Exploration Team.

The first is the invention the Polygoma - Custom, a machine capable of high speed and acceleration. Unlike earlier models first seen on the lower floors, this new model is able to harness its own immense speed to create powerful gusts of wind, giving it enough reach to cause damage over a much broader range.

The second is the successful implementation of cloning technology combined with stealth. Harnessing the untapped power of a 2-dimensional viewpoint screen, such a strategy allows for multiple identical beings to share the exact same space, making two creatures appear as one. Enemies would thus be tempted to use single-target attacks, not realizing that they are ignoring the second one standing exactly behind it, ready to counterattack. The flaw in the technology lies in brief and minor clues to the true dual nature of the creatures when hit with multi-target attacks.

The Kappa Academy of Science requests capture of both of these new technologies for further research.


MEDICINE - While pursuing the first of the sigil guardians, the Gensokyo Expedition Team bore witness to a breakthrough in magical enhancement pharmaceuticals.

The Palm Sigil Guardian, Cosmic, demonstrated the power and efficiency of a new brand of drug, henceforth patented as "Strengten Jutsu". When questioned about the name, the creator insisted that the name brand was designed to cash in on the ninja fad popular with the young.

This potent concoction is capable of doubling an individual's raw magic power, with clinical test results displaying even greater amounts of effectiveness. The Gensokyo Expedition Team was gracious enough to volunteer for field test experiments during phase 2 testing.

Once the drug is approved by the GFDA, it is expected to be ready for commercial consumption in six to eight months. The primary objections to its approval come from distinguished pharmacist and physician Dr. Eirin Yagokoro, who expressed concerns over its long-term side effects.


SPORTS - The Acacia Sigil Guardian challenged the Gensokyo Exploration Team to a no-holds-barred martial arts match earlier today.

The challenger, a muscular four-armed fiend who called himself the Genocider, proved to be a formidable foe, demonstrating immense strength, stamina, and expertise in armed combat.

Despite the challenger's boasts, he was unable to topple a lone gateguard who managed to withstand all manner of punishment. Spectators marveled at the stoic tenacity of the individual.

Eventually, the challenger tired out and succumbed to the combined might of Gensokyo's representatives.


ARTS - Visitors to Floor 19 were treated to a spectacle today when the Calla Sigil Guardian's impressive collection of artwork went up on display.

Rainbow Phoenix, the nom de plume adopted by this rising star in the art world, is known for her vivid use of color in her paintings, which evoke a strong sense of majesty and flavor. She is also widely praised for her rapid and seemingly tireless work pace, churning out masterpieces at an amazing speed.

Witness the fiery reds used in this flamescape.

Or the deep blues of this painting, meant to invoke the feeling of the frosty chill one feels when first stepping out into a blizzard.

The bright yellows in this painting have made it popular among Tengu art critics.

The lush greens of this landscape portrait are well-admired among conservationalists.

This mix of fuchsia and magenta give this painting a mystical, otherworldly feel.

Finally, the translucent turquise used here brings out the spiritual nature within all of us, reminding us of our common root here in Gensokyo.

These paintings will be on display all around Gensokyo in the upcoming annual art tour exhibition, before being auctioned off at the Scarlet Devil Mansion. All proceeds will go towards the repair, reconstruction, and maintenance of mansions around Gensokyo.


BUSINESS - Following the earlier announcement on the revolutionary drug "Strengthen Jutsu", cutthroat speculators have begun buying up shares in magic stock all across Gensokyo. One such tycoon was the Laurel Sigil Guardian, the Great Intellect.

Some report that these speculators have resorted to threats and coercion to extort precious magic stocks from humble everyday investors, buying out entire groups at once. The rampant demand coupled with artificial scarcity has resulted in soaring prices for the meager remaining market shares.

Market analysts agree that current prices will not be able to sustain themselves. Already, many are fearful of the great crash that is predicted to follow this enormous boom.

As always, experts recommend guarding against sector collapse with a diversified portfolio containing no more than 20% of its funds in one sector.

~ Aya Shameimaru

Some gameplay notes:

The 19th Floor is big. Very big. Here's the map:

Scattered within this huge maze are the 4 Sigil Guardians. They aren't nearly as hard as Rinnosuke, Yukari, or Flandre, but you'll still want to exercise caution. Each specializes in a particular stat, usually with some strategy revolving around it.

Cosmic is arguably the strongest of them all, so I have no idea why I fought it first. Strengthen Jutsu is no joke; I think I hate it almost as much as I hate Djinn Storm. It doubles its user's magic stat, which technically will increase its damage by maybe 3-fold or more, after factoring in your MND. Bring characters with very high MND, or hope to luck out with Tenshi's Sword of Rapture and its 40% dispel effect. Also watch for mass paralysis and stat debuffs. Cosmic uses Mystic spells almost exclusively, except for one Spirit spell, so high Mystic resistance will help guard against its Strengthen Jutsu-enhanced spells.

Genocider has very high HP and attack, along with lots of defense-piercing and defense-ignoring attacks. High HP for your characters in the 1st and 2nd slots are a must here. It has no multi-target attacks, relying only on single-target and row-based non-elemental physical attacks. This means it's fairly safe to leave weaker characters in the 4th position.

Rainbow Phoenix is exceptionally fast, casting 2-3 spells for every turn your faster characters get. It will cycle through and cast every mid-tier elemental nuke in the order I have listed above. Since its attacks are very predictable, you can switch out characters when you know their weakness is coming up. High MND once again comes in handy, as the enemy's spells aren't that strong, but they hit very often.

Great Intellect is slow, but has incredible MND, forcing you to rely mostly on physical attacks. It tends to alternate between casting Destroy Magic and casting an extremely powerful multi-target nuke. The hard part is mounting enough of an offense after being hit by Destroy Magic while trying to survive its nukes. Destroy Magic is not Djinn Storm; it doesn't affect characters in reserve, so switch in a heavy physical attacker like Suwako or Yuugi, hit it hard, then switch out before the nuke or Destory Magic goes off.

Next floor is the last floor! Can't believe I'm almost done...