I see I'm going to need to fiddle with this class. Thanks for the feedback, though.

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Hellsing, always cool. Peach time!

HD seems fine, table looks good, proficiencies fine for a class that will probably very quickly rely on natural attacks. One question though: What's with the HD column in the table? Does this class sometimes not get it's HD? That's weird and shouldn't happen.
I did it that way because Savage Species did it that way for its racial progression classes; it's supposed to simulate taking LA every now and again. So yeah, this guy only gets 12 HD by level 20, but if he drains some people he can get back up to normal without too much effort.

... Well, I'm never playing this as anything other than venerable, then. No real reason not to.
I should have realized any half-decent powergamer would do that. Consider it fixed when I get around to it.

The entry on undead-ness seems unnecessary. Is he undead typed? If not, then the second half of this doesn't need to exist, it's just confusing. You just say that they aren't undead, and thus don't get the benefits of being undead. Ok? Makes sense. I never was lead to believe it was undead >.>
I guess I figured I needed to say it, since a No-Life King is a kind of vampire. Consider it fixed.

This makes the class almost unplayable for 11 levels. A round is roughly 6 seconds, so even 1 damage/round makes daytime travel/normal everyday life nearly impossible, which is a big deal for a DnD character. Again, the main benefit you have from this class so far is... you can be really old and not worry about it. I mean, level 1 I walk outside and die, and forget any combat, even if we allow parasols.
This is actually toned down from the original DnD vampire sunlight vulnerability, which is a two-turn insta-death. But I always thought that was stupid. I'll see what I can come up with. Maybe just working the big black cloak look will get you off.

So what happens if I get some soil back midway through the process? Do I get my levels back? Or only through wishes? Again, this is really nasty penalty just for playing a class. These weaknesses are thematic and all, but in play, they're just crazy restricting for just picking this class. A sorcerer has to keep a pouch of components onhand or he'll be restricted to only a few spells. This class can only travel at night, can't cross any amount of running water, and if his pack gets stolen that has his dirt, needs a Wish spell to get back to normal. Harsh.
Maybe a lower level spell could remove it... Remove Curse, or something... it fits with Hellsing, but keeping true to source material shouldn't keep people from enjoying the class.

And yeah, I intended it so that if you get the dirt back (or more dirt), one full night of sleep will restore you.

This also leads to interesting problems as to how much adventuring the PC has done before a campaign started when it comes to how many skill boni and feats he starts out with. Does this only work if the only thing I used to kill them is the drain ability? Or does that just need to get the last hit?
You'd need to hash that out with your DM, I guess.

And yes, just finishing them with a pin-and-drain will make them your zombie bitch was the plan.

So what if I drain a monster to death? Or someone else with no class levels? This plays right back into the other ability in being almost impossible to balance properly. Basically free undead at your discretion. A horde of low-level zombies is still a horde of zombies, especially if you let stuff like the Corpsecrafter feat apply.
Also a salient point. I think it would need to be sentient, but lots of monsters are. Uhh... I'll get back to you on that one.

The zombie thing isn't all that awesome, really, except at really low levels. All kinds of playable undead can make things like that.

What type is the speed bonus? Otherwise fine.
I'm thinking enhancement.

... Random. I suddenly gain... a natural attack? How does this work with my other attacks? Consider renaming it. Yes, I know why, but when there is already something vastly different called a familiar, this'll only be confusing.
Now accepting suggestions on names?

It's probably fuzzy cuz I'm not all that sure on how the Hellsing familiars work. Basically it's just some shadowy thing that her body turns into that can hurt people. The idea of multiple familiars is from Alucard being able to basically fill a room with his spooky eyeball-shadow stuff.

This is... weird. You need to elaborate much more on the familiar. Much much more. How is my familiar grappling things? Does it have a strength score? Any stats at all? I'm lost.
I worded that poorly. The way this was envisaged was that it would be grappling as normal, merely with your shadow stuff, just as Improved Grab lets you grapple with a bite or claw.

The Swallowed Whole stuff is really, really good. If I had any idea how to go about doing so, I'd pump my familiar's grapple ability and just eat everything, since there's no listed size limitations.
Size limitation might help, although the natural bonus for big things to grapple would probably keep them safe.

Whoa whoa whoa, since when do I have multiple familiars? Also, the save-or-die is the best option here. I already have shadowy nomming on their strength score, shadows are too squishy at this level to do much good anyway.
The level 11+ Familiar abilities let you add a new natural attack; a new 'familiar'. Also not worded as well as it could be. The shadow is not a D&D shadow, merely one of the people you ate. It's like summoning a critter that is a bit weak but can't be killed, making a pretty neat meatshield.

If you've found good ways to get souls in you (like say, eating housecats or chickens. They work by your ability) then you're basically immortal forever with this. That's probably what you're going for, but I just thought I'd point it out.
Note to self; put in bit that says it needs to be... maybe things with an Int score of 3+? In my D&D, housecats do not contain souls. Unicorns and other 'smart' animals would. This point may be open to argument, I know.

Thanks again for the long review.

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I love the theme, but what happens if I use a soul which gave me a prerequisite for another feat (if I killed someone to get spell focus conjuration and then got augment summoning) to stop my death? Does the feat vanish, or do I have to sacrifice the highest level soul? And since untyped bonuses stack, can't I just go on a rampage and kill hunredes of peasents (making a small army of zombies) and gain some ungodly bonus to craft?
I guess if you killed a crafter's guild or something. It'd be pretty tricky, since you'd have to pin them down one by one, drain them to death, then rinse and repeat, and hope the city doesn't notice the sudden absence of most of its artisans and link it with you suddenly walking around with a new horde of (recognizable) zombies.

I'll figure out a way to clarify the soul thing; I was basically going for being able to sacrifice 'useless' extra souls first and leaving the ones granting feats and HD last.