Let's Play Labyrinth of Touhou - Final Chapter

In what seems like ages ago, I began this journey with a few companions. To be honest, I wasn't the most excited person for the job, but it was my duty as the Hakurei shrine maiden to resolve such matters. Regardless, we hiked through tranquil forests, gaping caverns, halls of metal, and even the bizarre reaches of space. And at last, we've come to the very center of this strange place.

Along the way, we've defeated both Yukari and Rinnosuke. In the end, though, both were trying to resolve this incident on their own. At first, I was kind of put off by them, but then I realized that they had something that fascinated me. Both were willing to give their all to solve this incident, not because someone else was forcing them to, but because they wanted to. Their love for Gensokyo motivated them to press on, even to the point of fighting us and each other. Looking back, I felt kind of guilty about my own motivations. Didn't I love Gensokyo just as much as they did? If so, then it was high time I started taking this journey more seriously.

I remember when I first started this journey, I felt such frustration and anger at whoever caused this incident. Whether it was Yukari or someone else, it irritated me to know that my peaceful lifestyle was being rudely interrupted by the actions of another. Along the way, I kept myself going by thinking about just what I was going to do to punish such an evildoer. But now, as I look upon the perpetrator of this incident for the first time, none of those feelings are present anymore. All I see is a scared girl, being torn apart by her own wild power. I felt no anger, no bitterness, just pity and sympathy.

Maribel's powers had grown immensely since this place was first formed. She could no longer hear us or see us, but her power lashed out at us all the same. She was a prisoner of her own magic spiraling out of control. I could scarcely believe that someone like this could exist in the outside world. The power of barrier manipulation...is this how Yukari started out as well? Perhaps the reason why she seems so keenly interested in this incident is because she saw herself in Maribel?

Maribel's unstable powers were formidable, but there was no backing down at this point. Yukari stood ready to send the two girls back to their world and to seal up this space, but first we needed to subdue Maribel. Our team may have felt some trepidation at this daunting task, but I knew in my heart that we would succeed. We've already been through so much, even if we haven't always gotten along. Despite harsh infighting, petty jealousies, and our own insecurities, we've still stuck with each other this whole time. I'm not the kind of person who'd ever say such a thing out loud, but deep down, I really did trust my allies- no, my friends.

There's really not much left to say. Once we're done, I'll be looking forward to a party at the Scarlet Devil Mansion, but that's not the only reward here. I have to admit, saving Gensokyo is a pretty decent reward all by itself.

This is it. Let's do this, for Gensokyo!

~ Reimu Hakurei