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    Default Re: Let's Play Labyrinth of Touhou - Epilogue

    Labyrinth of Touhou - Epilogue

    Let's Play Labyrinth of Touhou - Epilogue

    Rinnosuke: it over?

    Renko: Mariiii!!

    Maribel: ...

    Mari...Please, say something...

    ...Mm...Mm, mmmmm...

    Mari...Mari!! How could you, geez!

    You made me so worried, yet all you could say is "mmmm"!? You idiot, you big idiot...!

    Mmm, Renko, why are you shouting right in my ear when I just woke up...? Oh yeah...I think I was having a really bad dream...My power became really strong, and we used it to go and see lots of things...But because of me, we got swallowed up by a tear in a border...then, uh...what else was there...

    Yukari: It's better if you don't remember. You shouldn't be seeing such things just yet.

    Huh? Who are you, miss? Actually, where am I? Am I still dreaming maybe?

    Eh? You actually only noticed that now?

    I am...Hm, you could call me the arbiter of your dreams, I suppose?

    ...What the heck?

    ...Heheh, I was thinking that too. Anyway, Mari. Although you just woke up, don't you feel quite fatigued?

    Huh, I do. That's weird. But I slept so long...

    You should sleep a bit more. Don't get lost here again. And...your power. It's a very dangerous power. Don't treat it lightly. Make sure you realize this when you wake up. Now then, good night.

    ...Hey, Miss Arbiter of Dreams?


    One more thing...May I ask for your name?

    ...Yukari. Yukari Yakumo.

    I see...What a strange name...

    ...Okay then, Ms. Yukari...Good night...

    Mm, good night...And pleasant dreams.


    ...hey, Ms. Yukari...That conversation, you mean...


    Uwah, what the heck? Ms. Yukari, what's this thing?

    It's a gap to the outside world. Use it to go back.

    ...It's best if you hurry. The moment Mari's power calms down, this space will vanish. And this gap too, will...

    Uwawawa, that'll be bad! We need to go quick! Okay...there! Geez, Mari, I didn't think you'd be this heavy...! Okay then, I'll be going.

    Mm, take care of yourself. And Mari too.

    Thank you to you all too! See you again!

    Reimu: See us again? You mean you're coming back?

    Marisa: I don't wanna see you again. Take all your troubles and go back to the outside already.

    Ahaha, you and your jokes.

    Er, I was quite serious...

    Ehehe...Well then, everyone. Thank you for everything! I don't think we'll ever meet again, but...I hope you all stay happy! And take care of yourselves!

    They're gone...

    Now would be a fine time to reminisce, but it seems we don't have the time for that.

    Patchouli: That's right. This space is slowly disappearing. Since the core is gone.

    Remilia: Huh. Let's hurry back, then. I don't wanna get caught in the middle of this space.

    Yeah. Now, we need to have a party back at the SDM.

    Also, go clean up the Hakurei Shrine already.

    Uweeh, don't say that...

    Hey, hey! What are you all saying!

    Oh, what's up, Remilia? Will you get lonely if I go back to the shrine?

    of course not! I mean what you said before! You are all so impudent, just throwing parties at my place!

    Hahaha...Being like that right after...They're all really...hahaha. Yet there's something radiant about it...Don't you think, Miss Arbiter of Dreams?


    Hahaha, it was just a joke. Don't look at me like that.

    ...I've been thinking a lot. About why you hid the truth and put the blame on yourself, and wanted to solve it alone. That's really why, huh? You really were a good and obedient girl in the past.

    ...I have no idea what you're talking about.

    Well, as you are now, anything you say is a red herring.

    Hey, you two! Stop having your grown-up conversation and be sure to come to the party!

    Haha, Remilia's already agreed to it as well!

    Ran: She was coerced into it, more like...

    Ahh, whatever! I'll drink like there's no tomorrow!

    Sakuya: Ahh, this is bad, milady's starting to break...

    ...Mmph. Hahahaha...

    Heheheheheh...Ahh, you all...Well, we've been invited. Let's participate this time.

    Hmph, "this time"? You have no right to refuse, so hurry up and come already!

    Yeah, yeah, you don't need to drag me.

    All right, Reimu! It's time for us to go back!

    Yeah. Back to our Gensokyo!


    And so concludes this Let's Play...until I'm crazy and bored enough to tackle the mountain of post-game content that just opened up. Until then, this thread can be used for general discussion or whatever!
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