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    Default Re: Blowing up the Action Economy with Spellblade Tennis

    Quote Originally Posted by Zergrusheddie View Post
    I am failing to see the jumping effect giving an infinite amount of charged between the two. I see the power in dumping all of your Power Points or Spell Slots into the swords and then unloading all of them as a Free Action. Load up with Orb of Fires or something, go into combat, Celerity, shoot out enough balls of fire to make Jerry Lee Lewis jealous.
    Well the idea is that you can pump spells into the loop whenever, so the wizard burn all his 3rd level spell slots on fireballs to send into this loop leaves it to his companions, goes to sleep for hours and does it again, rinse and repeat until you have enough power within that loop to nuke whatever it is you want to kill.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AvatarZero View Post
    I like the "hobo" in there.
    "Hey, you just got 10000gp! You going to buy a fully staffed mansion or something?"
    "Nah, I'll upgrade my +2 sword to a +3 sword and sleep in my cloak."

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