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    As promised, the Imperial Guard Amour.
    As always, feel free to tell me if I'm wrong or misguided. I encourage it.

    Things You Should Know
    First, read this again.

    Second, since we are playing Imperial Guard, we always need to consider the basic Infantry Squad; 50 Points
    Grenade Launcher and Heavy Bolter; 65 Points - Anti-Infantry
    Plasmagun and Autocannon; 75 Points - 'All Comers'
    Plasmagun and Lascannon; 85 Points - Anti-Tank

    However, what sets Infantry Squads apart from vehicles is the ability to receive Orders, as well as being a Troops choice. Then, in Annhilation games (or, whenever you want) you have the option for Combining Squads to deny your opponent Kill Points, and/or to enable maximum efficiency of your Orders.

    Any time you want to take a Tank, look at it's Point Cost, and decide how many like Infantry Squads you could get for the same price.

    Lastly, Vehicle Squadrons; Read up on page 64 of your Rulebook.
    All Crew Stunned results count as Crew Shaken. Essentially, vehicles in Squadrons get free Extra Armour. However, all Immobilised results count as Destroyed (Wrecked), meaning your opponent can now destroy your vehicles with Glancing Hits.

    As vehicle squadrons, all vehicles must fire at the same target. As tanks, this will lead to massive overkill. Or, inefficiency of fire. You want to spread your Pie Plates over as many units as possible, don't you? Or, at least you might want the choice to.

    Also, Hits are taken against the Squadron. And you have to allocate hits before you roll on the damage table. Instead of 3 Hits on one vehicle, you're taking 1-2 Hits each. This can end well, or catastrophically bad.

    Not to mention that sometimes it's really hard to get tanks to fit on the table with coherency of 4".

    When you start to combine these things, you realise that you should probably never take vehicles in Squadrons if you have Force Organisation slots to spare. Spread out your tanks. You don't really lose anything by doing so. But, you gain individual effectiveness. Of course, this may backfire in Annihilation. But, at the same time, you've got multiple tanks. It rarely goes wrong.

    The Chimera
    Ah, the Chimera...
    It has FA 12. But, SA 10. If you can get it into a good spot, and get concealment or something, you'll be alright. Don't expect it to last too long. Use the Smoke Launchers.

    The Chimera's real bonus comes in the fact that - like most IG tanks - it comes with two weapons. One of which is a Multi-Laser. Which are almost as good as Eldar Scatter Lasers. And, anyone on that receiving end knows how that feels. It can then follow that up with a Heavy Bolter. No matter which weapons you want, they're all 'Free'. Which is pretty great.

    The Chimera also have five Fire Points. And doesn't count as Open-Topped. Ever. Most IG units wont be able to have much fun with that since they all have Lasguns. However, it does open the door for Daemon/Witch Hunter shenanigans, since those armies have terrible (2 Fire Points), expensive, occaisionally Open-Topped Chimeras which they don't really like.

    The Chimera's real, real bonus comes in the fact that it's a Command Vehicle, and your Officers can issue Orders from said tank. Giving your valuable Order-givers extra protection.
    However, note that units inside a Chimera can not receive Orders.

    Probably the only vehicle where Squadrons are worth it. Always take 3 per squadron.

    Scout Sentinel
    They can Scout/Outflank, and Move Through Cover. This is awesome. They also come with the aforementioned Multi-Lasers, for free. At 35 Points each, these guys are a steal. The only thing worth upgrading to is the Autocannon. For 40 points each. Maybe Heavy Flamers and/or Camo Netting if you plan on using MTC a lot.

    Turning up on your opponent's flank with 9, S6 shots or 6, S7 shots or 3 Heavy Flamer templates doesn't get old.

    Armoured Sentinel

    Vehicle Squadrons get Extra Armour for free. Armoured Sentinels cost exactly the same points as a Chimera, for less weapons and no Transport Capacity. Armoured Sentinels lose Scout (and so have nothing in their rule-set that should indicate that they're Fast Attack).
    Their one bonus comes in the fact that they can have Plasma Cannons for a total of 75 Points each...Wait, I know that number...Can't you have an Infantry Squad with Plasmagun and Autocannon for the same points? And by the transitive property, afford multiple Squads for the price of multiple Sentinels (of which you have at least 3 of because Sentinels don't work in squads of less)? You can! So...Plasma Cannons are not really a bonus at all.
    ...At least ASs are better than Rough Riders...

    Ultimately, both types of Sentinel are outlclassed by just about anything after 1000 points. 1500 if you're generous. Which this author isn't. Sentinels are not 'real' Walkers and don't have the option of S10 Power Weapons in Assault which makes them a little bit bad. However, if you've taken one - just one - Weapon Destroyed result that makes them useless, you can start tying up units in Assault that can't hurt your AV10 (or 12 if you've taken ASs).

    All Hellhounds are Fast. Get excited. And nothing on these tanks is comparable to an Infantry Squad.

    Nope. You don't even need to roll To Hit. You just place it somewhere within 12". You don't even need to line it up with the turret. Due to the wording, you can get some near-sideways action on the template, despite the fact that the tank looks nothing like it's shooting that way.

    Devil Dog
    It's turret-weapon is Melta, Blast. And the tank is Fast. For +45 points, it's worth upgrading all your Armoured Sentinels with Plasma Cannons to Devil Dogs.

    Bane Wolf
    It's turret-weapon is S1. Which makes it defensive. And Heavy Flamers are free on Hellhound tanks. The Chem Cannon auto-hits, being a Template weapon. Wounds anything on a 2+. And, as AP3, ignores just about all saves in the game, as a Template weapon, it also ignores Cover Saves, then, follow it up with a Heavy Flamer template. It's fun. You should try it.

    All Hellhound tanks are 'worth it'. None of them are bad.

    Gunships are Fast, Skimmers that Scout/Outflank or Deep Strike. And have a transport capacity of 12. They can carry Grey Knights, and also Grey Knight Terminators if you want a punch in the face. FAQ'd out.
    It's fun.
    Gunships also have FA/SA 12 and Extra Armour. Gunships are basically everything Armoured Sentinels aren't.
    ...True LoS rules and the giant flight stands are not nice to Gunships.

    Have a Multi-Laser. You'll want to upgrade to Multiple Rocket Pods just about every time for the Large Blast Defensive weapons. They're lots of fun off an Outflank. Especially if they've got Storm Troopers or Veterans with Meltaguns inside. Or Sisters of Battle, or Grey Knights...

    It's the anti-armour equivalent of the Valkyrie. Due to the fact that none of it's weapons are less than S5, it makes it rubbish as a Fast vehicle, and therefore not quite as good of a Transport vehicle than the Valkyrie. Vendettas are mostly used as armoured Triple-Lascannon Heavy Weapon Teams that get Twin-Linked weapons all the time. Yeah; Vendettas are the are the reason you don't often see Lascannon teams.

    If you have the currency to buy a Gunship. You should buy one. They're very impressive models in the first place. No Imperial Guard collection is truly complete without one - or three.
    Vendettas require a little bit of conversion work to make, but, it's not really all that hard.

    Leman Russ
    The Imperial Guard's darling. It's Lumbering Behemoth rule makes them especially brutal as their turret-weapons essentially count as Defensive weapons and can always be fired. Even the Ordnance weapons. Upgrading to the Lascannon because of the above rule is quite often done. Sponsons are a bit too expensive.
    FA/SA 14/13. Happy Face.

    Battle Tank
    S8 Ordnance. For 150 Points, you can't go wrong. The original tank. The best tank.

    Trap. Take 2 Hydra Flak Tanks instead. Or two Autocannon Infantry Squads for the same points.

    *Shrug* The Devil Dog is slightly cheaper, is AP1 and Blast. If you really need the 72" range, take a Vanquisher. But, you don't really need that big a range. Or take a Demolisher. Or a Medusa.
    Knight Commander Pask does not belong in a Vanquisher. Don't do it. It's a rookie mistake.

    The following have RA 11, which is nice.

    S10 Ordnance. It has shorter range. But, due to Lumbering Behemoth, this is mitigated somewhat. Second only to the standard Battle Tank.

    Trap. You could do the Math-Hammer on it. But, you don't need to. At AP-, even Orks will still get a save. It's almost worthless against models in cover or models with a decent save.
    And it's 180 Points!? Take almost anything else instead.

    Not quite a Trap. But pretty close. Looks good on paper. But, Demolishers already exist if you want AP2 weapons and at better strength and Ordnance. You can take 2 Plsamagun/Lascannon squads for less points. Then Combine them for extra power. Then add Orders into the mix.

    Hydra Flak Tank Battery
    Nice. This author actually suspects that the only reason these aren't taken is because armies need at least some Troops. And after the first few Autocannon squads; Hydras become redundant. Definitely use these if you field Veterans though.

    Some conversion work required. It's not hard.

    Ordnance Battery
    Enclosed Crew Compartments should generally be paid for unless you're really strapped for points.

    Enormous range. Backed up by an enormous 'dead-zone'. Just pay the extra 25 points for a Leman Russ Battle Tank. Or, about the same for Devil Dogs.

    Wow. These are what Leman Russ Vanquishers and Basalisks should be. Bastion-Breachers can be paid for without any real significant loss. No 'dead-zone' at all.

    Nice. It doesn't need LoS. Ignores Cover and AP3 for guaranteed kills and causes Pinning. It's also Ordnance (at S6). What else do you want?
    It's a shame about it's slightly large 'dead zone'.
    You could afford 6 Mortars for the same cost though and save on FO Slots

    It's 'dead-zone' isn't too huge. It's still a Barrage weapon, but allows cover saves and isn't AP3. It can re-roll Scatter though. And it's also cheap.
    Good in low-point games. But gets out-classed pretty quickly though by the Colussus or Medusa. Or by taking Mortars when you want to save FO slots

    Manticore Rocket Launcher
    Like the Leman Russ Executioner; Not quite as bad as to be considered a Trap. But, it's still pretty bad. Medusas are cheaper. Even if you do include an Enclosed Crew Compartment. The jury still out on whether you can Weapon Destroy a Storm Eagle Rocket. Still, don't bother. Take Leman Russes or Medusas.

    Deathstrike Missile Launcher
    *Facepalm* Worse than a trap. It only fires once. And probably not even then. And then Scatters. And then has a variable-size Blast. Just don't. Please.
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