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    Default Re: Submission Thread for the "From the Playground 2.0 Compendium"

    Figured I'd give this a shot.

    2. Races
    Prinny: Explosive penguin plushies. [strawberryman]

    5. Base Classes
    Blood Knight: Class that loves fighting, all the time. [strawberryman]
    Corsair: Luck-oriented pirate that buffs their allies. [strawberryman]

    8. Prestige Classes
    Asura: Warrior with a demonic arm that focuses on magical attacks. [strawberryman]
    Blademaster: Warrior with a demonic arm that focuses on weapon mastery. [strawberryman]
    Brawler: Martial Artist who focuses on fighting dirty to win. [strawberryman]
    Bullet Hellbringer: Warlock PrC who learns to fire eldritch blasts in quick succession. [strawberryman]
    Drakebound Soul: A warrior that develops dragon traits from their inner dragon. [strawberryman]
    Flowering Night Maiden: Maiden who creates an endless array of knives. [strawberryman]
    Grappler: Martial Artist who focuses on devastating grapples. [strawberryman]
    Hellbenter: Warrior with a demonic arm that loses themselves to demonic rage. [strawberryman]
    Legendary Prinny Tosser: Soulless monster who tosses prinnies for fun. [strawberryman]
    Nen Master: Martial Artist who uses 'Nen' to create magical effects. [strawberryman]
    Prinny Crusader: Prinny who takes up a mantle of vengeance against their humanoid oppressors. [strawberryman]
    Prinny Pirate: Prinny who takes up a mantle of piracy. [strawberryman]
    Prinny Rocker: Prinny Bard who encourages their allies with rockin' tunes. [strawberryman]
    Seven-Color Puppeteer: Conjurer of dolls, master of theater. [strawberryman]
    Soul Bender: Warrior with a demonic arm that summons astral demons. [strawberryman]
    Striker: Martial Artist who focuses on quick, devastating hand-to-hand strikes. [strawberryman]
    Uruwashii: A martial adept that focuses on chaining martial maneuvers in succession. [strawberryman]

    12. Feats
    Grappling: Three feats that increase the effectiveness of grappling. [strawberryman]
    Insanity Feats: 16 feats that center around the loss of sanity to gain power. [strawberryman]

    37. Monsters
    Ajatarra: Flying snake spirit that can sicken foes with a gaze. [strawberryman]
    Lusca: A fair maiden turned into a horrible beast which inflicts amnesia with her singing. [strawberryman]
    Occult Cúcharraige: Magical beast that eats magic and mages to gain power. [strawberryman]
    Precious Little Thing: Horrible demon that takes the form of an endearing little girl (Winner of MCXXXVIII!). [strawberryman]

    62. Other/Needs a home
    Searing Stance: Desert Wind- Deal fire damage to those normally immune or resistant. [strawberryman]
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