Please do NOT vote for OOTS on Top Webcomics.

Top listing sites are largely a waste of time for any comic that is not starting out or otherwise trying to built an audience from scratch. That is not the case with OOTS; it's probably one of the top ten comics on the internet, though it's been a while since anyone tried to do a count. There was a time, years ago, when I participated in another such site—the long-since defunct BuzzComix. Even then, I rose to the top immediately and stayed there for three months with little effort—proving to me that my audience had already grown too large to participate in such rankings fairly.

The point is, it doesn't get me anything to be at the top of a list that means nothing, that just exists as a marketing strategy for a certain tier of comics and an ad-selling technique for the website owners. Plus, it would be rude of me to eliminate the opportunity for another comic to claim the top spot and grow their audience accordingly, when my reading audience already dwarfs theirs. Let Goblins or Phoenix Requiem take it; it doesn't hurt me any, and helps people who are doing work that maybe isn't as widely recognized as OOTS.

If I could, I would remove myself from the list, but since someone else signed me up for it, I can't. If you're the mystery person who put OOTS on that list, please delete it.

If you want to vote for OOTS for something, wait until OOTS is up for an award—a real award, not just a random website.