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As someone who voted for this class, I like it. Very interesting
Thank you.

I'm sorry I didn't do any PEACHing but I still don't think I really know anything.
I understand. I usually feel similarly, but I could do with pretty much any help.

[/QUOTE]The only problem I saw with it is that many of the Radiances and Beams seem almost common-or-garden as it were. e.g. A lot of them just apply yet another status condition without linking them to the class in flavour. They don't really represent new tactical options just ways that the Glowherd can do already established stuff.[QUOTE]

Ah, yes. I see your point. At the time, I was mainly worried about mechanics rather than fluff. I'll try to add fluff for them soon. As for genericness, well yes, they were pretty much based on existing spells and didn't do anything particularly unusual by themselves. This was because I was worried about balance, especially when it comes to synergy. I also wanted to get the class itself right before worrying about new and interesting radiances and beams. However, I'm eager for suggestions for new ones now that the competition has ended.

This is in no way to detract from how good I think this class is
Again. Thank you.

(btw, could bold the names of the radiances and beams in the list as it is kinda hard to read at the moment).

Sure. I'll get to that.