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Hmm, a couple of things stand out:

Empty strike: If a monk has high DEX, does he get DEX + WIS to hit, and to damage, and to combat manoeuvres? If so, STR is reduced to just providing carrying capacity, and every monk will take high DEX for the AC bonus. If not, that should be rewritten.

Sense the Void: This is such an obvious choice there's no reason to not ever take it. In addition to better senses, blindsight let's you ignore concealment penalties, like for attacking invisible things.

IMPROVED KI DEFENSE/IMPROVED KI OFFENCE: Awesome enough that every monk will want them. The 'take at level 10 even without requirements' bit really only means they can take it without autohypnosis, as they have everything else at level 9. Since they will almost certainly take both feats though, it doesn't really help as they need to put skill in autohypnosis anyway. Either let monks take them as bonus feats at level 10 or later, or get rid of the autohypnosis requirements, or get rid of the line about the special exemption at only level 10 (it's just clutter otherwise).

General commentary: The flurry for extra attacks on a standard action is nice, and the increase in damage means a monk is a bit stronger than a fighter without shock trooper shenanigans. The monk still has issues with flying things: this could be alleviated by making abundant step a move action rather than a standard action. DR/20 is a lot, so unless you're fighting a lot of Titans and Balors (which the core monk was already perfectly decent at fighting), the monk 20 will be pretty much immune to physical attacks. Backing it down to 10 would be reasonable.
DR 20 will not be negating the majority of damage at level twenty. No where near. By then, fireballs are flinging around for like 15d6 damage, and swords are +10 with 30, 40 strength behind them. DR 20 is nothing at that level.