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First, DR doesn't apply to fireballs, which are still 10d6. Delayed blast fireballs are up to 15d6 sure, but they still allow evasion, and it's easier for this monk to pump DEX to the point where he makes that save more often then not: maybe a 29 DC delayed blast fireball, versus the monk's ~23 (at the lowest) save, so he needs a 6 (a 2 for a regular fireball). Plus the monk as a 45% chance of SR being effective against an equal level caster. So he takes no damage at all ~80% of the time from blasting that allows a reflex save. Since this monk has a touch AC probably in the 40s (10 + 12 WIS + 6 from the levels + 6 DEX + 5 ring = 39), touch attacks aren't too reliable either, necessitating a use of true strike first.

Second, typical damage at level 20 is ~40 for an attack that's part of a full attack. A CR 20 dragon is gargantuan, and has a 4d6 + STR bite attack, doing about 27 damage on average. The tarrasque only does 4d8 + 27 damage, average 45, with a bite attack. Even if they power attack for an extra 20 damage, DR/20 is still a third of that, and the secondary attacks are worthless (they get half STR, and I don't know if they get anything from PA).

A non-shock-trooper fighter has a +5 great sword, + 3d6 energy damage, + 18 STR damage (that's from 34 STR), + 2 from weapon specialization, giving 5d6 + 25, averaging 42.5 damage per hit. He can't power attack for that much because even a brilliant energy weapon will miss his ~40 AC, as none of his AC comes from armour. DR/20 cuts the damage in half.

This monk will absolutely trounce anything that can't get through his DR, which is hard enough as DR/20 chaotic, let alone DR/20 chaotic and epic.
All you've proven here is that this new monk is stronger than: An unoptimized member of the WEAKEST CLASS, and is able to beat some of the WEAKEST spells out there.

When did we start judging balance based on the Fighter and Evoker?