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All you've proven here is that this new monk is stronger than: An unoptimized member of the WEAKEST CLASS, and is able to beat some of the WEAKEST spells out there.

When did we start judging balance based on the Fighter and Evoker?
You're the one who brought up fireballs and +10 swords. I know perfectly well this monk isn't going to win against batman. Similarly, a fighter with a +50 sword isn't going to win against batman either, but that doesn't mean we should give him that sword to try and even things up.

With DR/20 chaotic and epic, I'm pretty confident this monk can solo a tarrasque with no real danger to himself (which actually only has +17 damage on it's bite, not +27), which strikes me as just a bit overpowered in the "hitting stuff" department. jiriku said he's aiming for a tier 4, and as I'm pretty sure with DR/20 (that they can't get through, because they can't afford epic weapons) this can beat up most tier 4 classes easily. On top of that, he gets diplomacy and a bunch of other useful skills, and a few dozen ways per day to escape traps/grapples/forcecages.