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With DR/20 chaotic and epic, I'm pretty confident this monk can solo a tarrasque with no real danger to himself (which actually only has +17 damage on it's bite, not +27), which strikes me as just a bit overpowered in the "hitting stuff" department. jiriku said he's aiming for a tier 4, and as I'm pretty sure with DR/20 (that they can't get through, because they can't afford epic weapons) this can beat up most tier 4 classes easily. On top of that, he gets diplomacy and a bunch of other useful skills, and a few dozen ways per day to escape traps/grapples/forcecages.
He doesn't have the wish to kill the tarrasque, though, and if "soloing the tarrasque" is "bringing it way down into the negatives without actually killing it" then any low-level character with flight and a ranged weapon qualifies as well.