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He doesn't have the wish to kill the tarrasque, though, and if "soloing the tarrasque" is "bringing it way down into the negatives without actually killing it" then any low-level character with flight and a ranged weapon qualifies as well.
You have a low level character that can hit AC 35, beat DR/15 epic, and fast healing 40, and do 850 damage? And really, wish is hardly the important part when the monk just out-punched godzilla. Is it that hard to imagine he has a ring of three wishes (as I certainly didn't claim the monk was naked, and he has WBL to spare thanks to the fact that he doesn't need to purchase weapons or armour equivalents), or someone had a scroll and donated it to the "I don't want to be eaten by a tarrasque" fund where an NPC wizard cast it, or that obstacles deliberately designed for 3 of 11 classes aren't forced upon solo characters? This is the homebrew forum, not theoretical optimization.

This monk can also take on balors, pit fiends, gargantuan dragons, and titans, and will win pretty much anytime he doesn't roll a 1 on a save or die after failing a SR check, assuming that "they fly/teleport away" isn't counted as a loss for the monk. I really don't think there's anything controversial about saying that with DR/20 this monk is kinda strong, compared to say:
CR 20
Tier 4 classes at level 20
This monk at level 19