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Could you tell me what that build is? Last I saw it takes more like a cleric 13, or several dozen of archers.
Obviously using a weapon instead of spells is going to make it harder, but a warblade/bloodstorm blade with Stone Dragon maneuvers can do it, as can a ranger with hunter's mercy or other auto-crit abilities, a swift hunter build with Power Shot or another Power-Attack-with-ranged-weapons analog, or similar.

And again, the monk is standing there trading blows, not flying safely out of reach: if you feel in a direct brawl, trading attacks back and forth, the tarrasque is underpowered for CR 20, then you have really different expectations of what is appropriate for martial characters.
1) Sitting there trading punches with a wight or other energy-draining undead is also a bad idea, but it doesn't raise their CR, it means you're going about it wrong. The fact that the tarrasque can be soloed by vastly lower-level PCs, even at level 15 or so, means it's over-CRed, regardless of whether a solo monk flurrying it to death has trouble with it.

2) I'm not talking about martial characters vs. the tarrasque, I'm talking about any character. If a monster can't deal with flight, or miss chances, or ranged attacks, or similarly ubiquitous tactics, it really doesn't deserve a CR above 10 or so, regardless of how annoying it is to finally kill permanently, regardless of its HD.

Please, run some math for me. Calculate how much damage that rouge does, assuming he gets sneak attacks in this 1 on 1 battle, on average, both with and without that DR/20, recalling that the monk has 41 AC. Calculate how much damage the monk does.
Here, my numbers are:
Rogue: ~14d6 + 8 damage, at +33/+28/+23 to hit, twice. Average damage against 41 AC, about 150 per round. With 20 subtracted from each hit, that drops to 100 per round.
Monk: 6d6 + 24 damage, at +39/+39/+39/+34/+29. Average damage against 41 AC (which is harder for the rogue to get, as he doesn't have DEX and WIS to AC, and doesn't get +6 enhancement on his armour), 190 per round.
Bear in mind that even if the monk is flatfooted, he keeps his AC from WIS and class levels, and to feint you need to beat a sense motive + BAB check, which even untrained is at +27 for the monk.
DR/20 takes it from "the rogue has a chance in a straight fight, especially if he wins initiative" to "the rogue almost certainly loses".
So what you're saying is that a rogue, a non-primary combatant who relies on situational damage and multiple attacks (which are always weak vs. DR) doesn't beat a front-line, combat-focused character with DR? Shocking. Did I ever say I expected the rogue to own the monk? No, because like archers, TWFers, and other multi-attackers the rogue hates DR; I simply said he's not useless against the monk (just comparing minimum damage with DR), and given their HP, he can even kill the monk if he gets a surprise round and wins initiative, just like the monk can do if it does the same.

Granted, this monk overshoots the Tier 4 set in the OP, but that's not a bad thing; the rogue sits on the fence between tiers 3 and 4 depending on what it's built for, so a tier 3 monk should be a cut above the rogue in the combat department. I only mentioned a rogue to show that he won't auto-lose to the monk; compare it to another Tier 3 frontliner and it'll come out roughly comparable.