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Huh, swift action spell wands are errataed to swift actions. That's stupid. Thanks though. Although sneak attack damage isn't multiplied by crits.
Whoops; haven't made that mistake in a while. Throw in Power Shot and add collision, corrosive, and frost to the arrows, then, and you're back to the same average damage; either way, you can get up to 70 damage easily enough, and again the rogue is the worst way to do it.

Of course fisticuffs are the option. My point is that you shouldn't be able to out-fisticuff an equal CR challenge with almost no risk. Thanks the the DR, the tarrasque is not a threat in combat to the monk. The tarrasque does ~30 damage a round, the monk does over 200 to the tarrasque. Result: dead tarrasque, slightly inconvenienced monk.
Why not? A barbarian full-attacking with a greataxe can do the same thing, with the higher HD and Con most likely soaking up the damage the DR would cover and with his higher damage ending combat sooner. Above 6th level, you get most of your damage by sitting in one place and full-attacking, unless you're a charge build in which case you move around to charge. Trading blows in melee is inevitably going to happen with any and every effective melee character.

Again, my point is this monk can easily defeat it. A 4 man party, even 4 core fighters can defeat it working together, but this single monk can take it on at even less risk to himself.
As shown above, a single character of almost any Tier 4 or higher class can solo it with zero risk if built right. "Can class X defeat monster Y by itself?" isn't a good question; you need to test it against a wide variety of challenges and compare its abilities to comparable monsters and classes.