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    Quote Originally Posted by PId6 View Post
    No you don't (because that would be terrible). You lose the extra skill point per level; still bad, but much better than losing the bonus feat.

    And there's always the Dragontouched feat.
    Hm, that does reduce the total amount of feats needed for 5th level spells, even though only 2 or 3 are worth it anyway. More Extra Music!

    Anyone feel like taking a look at all the nice 4th+ level spells a Sublime Chord gets? If it's viable we can ditch Human and the feat, and the various Metamagic reducers will actually come in handy since we'd need to neutralize as much of Persist's cost as possible.
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    Imagine if the combat system was as well thought out and explained as the skill system. You could cut it down to a page and a half, monsters would be about three sentences long. Best of all you don't have to remember any tables for conditions or detail the special abilities because you've got rulings instead of rules.
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    I'm going to be honest, "the Welsh became a Great Power and conquered Germany" is almost exactly the opposite of the explanation I was expecting