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    Default Re: The Bez-Kismet; or, a rebalanced Hexblade with a much more original name!

    Response to guy above me: I do not agree with the friendly fire idea. Screwing your party members is not a way to balance anything. See Frenzied berserker. It angers people OOC.

    I really like this class. Some comments though:

    Cha race + Middle Age and/or mage blooded for a starting cha of 22.
    Take a level of marshal, pick any lesser aura (+6 bonus, so +3 to aura)
    Take 7 levels of Bez-Kismet (Aura + 2 I think? Itís not very clear but you say +6 at 18..)
    At 8th level Cha will be 24, toss on a +2 Cha boosting item for a total Cha modifier of +8, which is +4 to aura.

    +6, which is the magic number to reduce all speeds by 30ft with Lethargy. And thatís being reasonable. Itís possible to have a much higher charisma much earlier and preventing enemies from moving can be very deadly. Perhaps a penalty to initiative instead? Or simply reducing them to a minimum of 5ft (Which is still awesome).
    Lethargy: Enemies take a penalty on movement speed equal to five times the penalty provided by the aura (minimum 5ft). This applies to all speeds

    Also, you may want to remove the multiclass benefit on the aura (but not to the auras of other classes) and just have Ĺ cha added to the aura. Otherwise Marshal is such an obvious dip it hurts (I donít think a pure BK can match a BK with one level in marshal.) Basically, Marshal exists as an awesome dip class. Having the auras combine like this only makes marshal an even better dip class. It wonít make the hypothetical single class marshal player feel any less worthless. Changing the Ĺ cha to something the BK already gets make Marshal a fun dip but not a necessarily optimal one.

    A big issue, though, is what happens when Aura of Dissonance gets to be this large. Spellcasters lose their 3 highest spell levels at level 8-9? I would disconnect this from the penalties of the other auras and have it simple be -1 per three class levels with no other way to raise it. Or -2 per six levels to ignore "is his level odd or even?" questions. Or maybe just remove the casting negation and keep the higher bonus. -3,4 to caster level at level 6 is going to seriously hurt a mage.

    On another note, could the recklessness aura also prevent enemies from taking 5ft steps? I donít feel it is on par with the other auras as it is and removing 5ft steps seems to be in flavor for it.

    One more thing. In a world where Bez-Kismets are an important class the "Miserís Fortune" ability would mostly be used as a dip to screw with BKs (Many of their penalties are luck penalties, including all of their auras). I'm not sure if that is a good thing for a 2nd level ability.
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