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    Default Re: The Bez-Kismet; or, a rebalanced Hexblade with a much more original name!

    Well, now that the loopholes for massive low level auras have been removed Aura of Dissonance is okay. I donít even think it needs the will save, but some people would probably disagree with that. Will save means that psions get hit harder than arcane casters, while no save would let the existence of the overchannel feat even it out (Psions canít spend more power points than ML, so the aura will always effect them like the original aura did).


    I think you made your post while I was editing in my critique of Miserís Fortune. Namely the fact that the abilityís main use is to screw with other Bez-Kismets. I thought about it some more, and although I like BKs being able to resist other BKs, giving them the ability to ignore the auras at level 2 felt wrong. But on the other hand I as a player wouldn't want to gain it instead of a higher level ability. Also, the ability is somewhat ill-defined. What if instead the 2nd level ability did something like the following:

    Miserís Fortune(Su): At 2nd level, a bez-kismetís miserable fortune is such that it cannot plunge any lower. Whenever the Bez-Kismet would receive a penalty to an attack, skill, saving throw, or check from a magical source, he may reduce that penalty by an amount up to Ĺ his class level. A Bez-Kismet that uses this ability loses any luck bonuses he is benefiting from for 1 round.

    It keeps up that anti-magic theme, the luck theme, and results in high-level BKs laughing off the curses of lower level ones (at least until the curses start hitting ability scores). The luck loss is for flavor.

    EWP: Wait, why does Denial of Grace grant a luck bonus? I think it should be unamed - having it be a luck bonus flies in the face of the rest of the flavor text.


    LethargyÖ well, it may not be a problem at level 18. You basically need enhanced movement to be a challenge at that level. But what about level 12? Thatís a -20 penalty to movement. Aura of dwarf slaying? There isnít any reason why the BK canít be using a bowÖ granted, letting the poor enemy move 5ft each round is just as pointlessÖ I donít know, something bugs me about this ability. I think it would be better off as a penalty to initiative and related skills and checks that also reduced opponentís move speeds as though they were carrying a medium load. Sorta like a reverse motivate dexterity, only with movement cutting instead of a higher bonus. This would have the added advantage of being more effective on faster opponents.

    A possible way to word it:

    Lethargy: All opponents are treated as if they were carrying a medium load, except without a maximum dex bonus and that the check penalties are instead equal to the aura penalty. This penalty also applies to initiative modifiers.

    This ability would also sink most flying creatures. Take that, required flight magic items!
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