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    Default Re: The Bez-Kismet; or, a rebalanced Hexblade with a much more original name!

    Quote Originally Posted by T.G. Oskar View Post
    It may seem a bit off, but it has a very reasonable line of thought: as a tank and as a debuffer, the idea is to keep people within your grasp.

    While it may seem a bit unfair for dwarves that have reductions to movement (although, at the very end, they can just activate Boots of Speed and get the benefit of Haste), it works for other people. Most notably: strafing dragons, people using Fly-by Attack, and people trying to run away from warriors in order to force the latter to use attack actions (if melee) or driving them to use bows. Reductions on speed are appreciated by most people, but specifically for melee warriors (think on the Monk, please!)
    Heh. Monk gets nuked by medium loads and you canít fly with a medium load without feats. Making it a heavy load would also weaken running away (x4->x3 with lower speed) and prevent natural flight (and even some spells) without multiple feat investment (I think). So for the purposes you outlined a heavy load would be sufficient. I chose the 1/3 penalty as that has the largest effect on the enemies you have in mind Ė really fast ones. The current aura is extremely strong against slow enemies. The current aura gives a -20 penalty at level 12, which is the same as forcing a heavy load on a speed 60 creature. If everyone actually has boots of speed / haste / etc the aura will generally be about the same Ė and much more useful at lower levels.

    If the issue is that most enemies will not have a speed of 50+, then we return to the auraís amazing power against slow enemies. The issue I have with lethargy is not that it prevents people from moving away from you. The issue is that is prevents enemies that arenít very fast from ever reaching you. Heavy load blocks flight, weakens running, and wrecks any ability that canít be done with a heavy load (monks, barbarian fast movement, Ö). It basically messes up any attempt to give the BK the run-around which is what the ability appears to be trying to do. Unless the goal was to freeze enemies in place while you kill them with ranged attacks I think heavy load would do the job.

    The load penalties would be the small list of skills, yes. Only moderately useful but tumble+balance+Jump+Escape Artist + hide+move silently are pretty much the best skills to lower in combatÖ what else matters? Bluff and concentration arenít dex based.

    Anyway, new suggestion:

    Lethargy: All opponents are treated as if they were carrying a heavy load for all purposes, except without a maximum dex bonus to armor class and that the check penalties are instead equal to the aura penalty. This penalty also applies to initiative modifiers.
    Note: Creatures with natural flight speeds can only fly while carrying no more than a light load.

    Yeah, I noted the luck bonus while checking to see if my version of Miserís fortune would remove any later class abilities. Power-wise it comes at such a late level that making it unnamed would be just fine. Turbo dipping isnít going to reach it.

    On a different note, why only 2+int skills? The class doesnít really use int for anything, so 4+int would be fine IMO. I donít see why melee classes canít have skills, really. Rogue gets 8+int so it wouldnít be skin off their backs.


    Still: you *can* use Bestow Curse and be creative with it: after all, you can choose from all Necromancy spells on your spell list, and Bestow Curse just happens to be one of them. Heck...I should consider lowering it to a 3rd level Bez-Kismet spell.
    I like this idea. In fact, perhaps they could get Bestow Curse as a 2nd level (level 8) spell and Bestow Greater Curse as a 4th level (14th level) spell? They are the curse class and BGC wouldn't wreck a game that isn't seeing other 8th-level spells for some reason.
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