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    Warning: English isn't my native language so all my work is replete with gramatical error. I'm trying to improve but it's going slowly, I would welcome any help, if you're interest please PM me.


    The Revised and Expanded Template Project

    The Old Template project

    Other work:


    Metainitiation feat, you can now customize your maneuver like you could do with spell.

    Incarnum Themed feat, sixty one feat link to incarnum.


    The War Summoner, my entry in the XIX PrC Contest.

    The Tiny Thief, my entry in the XX Prc Contest.

    The Spirit manifester, my entry in the XXI Prc Contest. Here are the spirit shape that go with it.

    The Vestige summoner, summon vestige to your side to crush your enemy. (Work in progress)

    The Wild soul, an Hybrid Druid and Totemist, it allow you among other thing to shape animal soulmeld and to take the shape of magical beast, my entry in the XXIII Prc Contest.

    The Warefare Grandmaster a Prc for Fighter.

    The Humble Soulshaper an exalted Prc for incarnum user, my entry in the XXIV Prc Contest.

    The Symbolist, a spellcasting Prc based around the four saintly beast of chinese mythology. Winner of the XXVI Prc contest !

    The Poisoner: A Prc that deal with poison, grant you a venomous companion and limited speciallized spellcasting.

    The Living Avatar, a Prc and an Epic destiny to become one with your deity.

    The Martial Dabbler, a Prc that allow you to gain a few maneuver while still progressing features from another class.

    The Procrastinator, a Prc that focused on delaying thing, you can delay effect targeting you or you force a delay betwen your foe attack.

    The Eldritch Soul, a Prc that combine the warlock and the inarnate.


    Lesser Silthilar, my entry in the Potpourri Creation Contest IV: Origin of the Species.


    Kuthar of Ironhame's Spellbook, spell that work in conjunction with martial maneuver. Honorable mention in the Potpourri Creation Contest III: Salazar's Spellbook Supreme.

    Substitution levels:

    Shifter substitution levels for Totemits, Binder and swordsage including exclusif soulmeld, vestiges and maneuvers.

    Changeling Incarnate ACF, plus an exclusif soulmeld.


    My personal version of the Lycanthrope template.


    Here, lot of different thing but among them an incarnum and martial adept one.


    As part of the Potpourri contest V, I've devised new use for the craft and handle animal skill.


    Nine new soulmelds for the Totemist based on more obscur magical beasts.


    The Avatars of Magic, powerful monster each dedicated to ne school of magic.
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    Latest homebrew: The Avatars of Magic, powerful monster each dedicated to ne school of magic.

    My homebrewer's Extended Signature
    My character :

    Mirar, Bizarre human Focused Conjurer/Master specialist (summoning specialist)
    Xilef, shifter Druid 8//Barbarian 5/Weretouched master 3
    Other Character.