Winslow Warwick
Enhanced Human
Age 52
Married to Winnie Warwick, age 45
Children: Willow Warwick, age 16
Wesley Warwick, age 12
Wendy Warwick, age 8

[Yellow Zone]

In the industrial area, a building is rented and has a new sign put out front.

Warwick Works

The building itself consists of a small office area in front and warehouses in back. There is no indication of what sort of business this is, but a certain cyborg with a satellite might recognize the logo and name.

Winslow is a hardworking man who once had his life's work stolen from him. He was forced (forced, I say!) to turn to villainy in order to support his wife and kids. Of course the same wife and kids keep his villainy from being too outright and destructive. After all, he doesn't want to destroy the world they go to school in, and his teenage daughter would never forgive him if he did something flamboyantly evil and embarrassed her in front of her friends.

Willow is vain enough to enjoy her newfound power over boys, but too naive to recognize how dangerous that power can be. She inherited her dad's knack for engineering, but tries to suppress her interest because, duh, it's like totally lame. However, she did agree to work for her dad for the summer.