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    Name: Dipsnig Razortooth
    Gender: Male
    Race: Goblin (Link contains a description of goblins as I use them).
    Occupation: Thief, Spy, former Miner
    Age: 33
    Affiliation: Mercenary Espionage and Reconnaissance Corporation.
    Power rating: 3 or D+




    (As drawn by Elder Tsofu, Kid Kris, Mazeburn and Kairek, respectively)
    Dipsnig is a small, wiry brown-skinned goblin. He tends to wear an assortment of drab, grey or brown shirts and tunics over a leather jacket as well as two belts, one across his chest and one around his waist, holding his tools, crossbow bolts, knives, spare change and vials of poisons or other nasty substances. He has pale red eyes and rather large ears even by goblin standards.
    Backstory: Dipsnig comes from Dragonbone Colony, the largest goblin nation of the northern mountain range of his homeworld. Having grown up as a son of a riding wolf breeder, he joined the military and managed to enlist into Dragonbone Covert Operations. However, his promising career as a government spy was cut short when he had an affair with the wife of one of the high-ranking officers and had to run away rather quickly. He turned to a mercenary lifestyle, which suited him rahter well. However, the less-than positive attitude towards goblins in general gave him a rather negative view of other species, dwarves and elves in particular. He came to ACRO and became an acting leader of Neutralist Organization after some time. He continues to lead it, although it has been since rebranded as MERC.
    Abilities: Dipsnig is a competent spy and infiltrator. He is a good shot with a crossbow and not bad in close combat if he has enough room to dodge. He's also bolder than most goblins. Other than that, Dipsnig is very smart, good at management and a fast talker.
    Equipment: As the leader of MERC, Dipsnig has access to a lot of powerful equipment. His leather jacket is strongly magic resistant and he has a ring that can make him blurry and hard to hit on command.

    Of special note is Dipsnig's crossbow, which is a magitech monstrosity of a weapon. It's a heavy repeater crossbow that can fire three times before Dipsnig has to insert a new clip. It's enchanted to create a wind tunnel upon firing, giving the bolts range, force and steadiness. It can also affect incorporeal beings. Apart from normal bolts, he has a set of special ones:

    • Bolt that drain magic around them, then explode when they absorb enough.
    • Bolts that explode into sticky adhesive upon impact.
    • Bolts that sever the psychic connections of the person it hits.
    • Bolts that summons a small fire elemental upon impact.
    • Drill bolts that penetrate armour easily.
    • Bolts with arrowheads that split into three small, sharp needles upon impact. Ineffective against armoured targets, lethal against unarmoured ones.

    For melee combat, Dipsnig uses a pair of short, wide daggers. They're generally enchanted to be sharp and sturdy. They're also equipped with sigils to make them spread a chill around the wounds they make.

    Finally, Dipsnig owns a suit of personal power armour. When he sits in it, it responds to his movements precisely and grants him incredible strength. It's extremely durable and equipped with powerful shields.

    Personality: Dipsnig is a snarky, pessimistic and grumpy. Also rather greedy and not particularily moral. However, he's also scrupulous and tends to plan things in advance and keep track of everything. Despite his loose morals, he has an iron-clad dedication to what he considers the professional standards of the mercenary trade.
    He displays strong racial pride and has a low opinion and generally negative attitude towards non-goblin sentient species. He harbors a particular dislike towards dwarves, which stems from the age-old feud between them and the goblins. He was also raised to hate slavery and those who practise it, which is part of his religion and the teachings of the goblin Prophet. He refuses to deal with them and will often go out of his way to harm them.
    Viima & Kullervo:
    Dipsnig's female wolf mount and companion. She's a large, silver-furred wolf that Dipsnig rides around on as well as generally keeps around as a pet. She's smart and friendly, and she tends to improve her master's negative attitude somewhat.
    Kullervo, a large male wolf with dark grey fur, is Viima's mate and the father of her cubs. He also serves as Dipsnig's mount, but isn't quite as friendly and affectionate as Viima.
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